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  1. Hardcore ( House )

    lol i love trance and techno, i don't really like hardcore, sometimes i just can't count that to music anymore... srry for that, though some hardcore numbres i must say are good, though mosly i don't like them.
  2. First Post. Cloning

    cloning humans looks more to some way of thinking for people that they are like god, if he exists (i don't believe in him), but people alway's want more and more and more. Eventually this greed of people of more knowledge and power is going to be their end.
  3. Selling Book of General Axe Construction

    *** you missed this parts soldus ***
  4. First Post. Cloning

    lol so you think you can do human cloning even if it isn't used for the good side of this world. :S
  5. Other MMORPGs

    true but it still didn't happen, they also wanne make the client downloadable via ever players computer, atleast that was the idee. donno whats going to happen of that. :S
  6. Other MMORPGs

    haha, i must say i didn't play fair, cause the planeshift servers stink, when i tried to download it from there it game totally no result. I was lucky a friend of mine had a server and let me download it from there.
  7. Other MMORPGs

    lol, your connection must be really slow, i took it of the internet in somewhere around 30 minutes to 45 minutes. :S
  8. REAL best game poll

    for me it will alway's stay nintendo and only that because i'm a zelda addicted person, i love the zelda games... They are the best games ever.
  9. What new games are you most looking foward to?

    lol i hate all those games you named, aspecially morrowind, that stupid ........ game smeged up my pc, it wouldn't even start anymore. i want a new prince of persia to come out. i love those games.
  10. Titanium Axe Book

    lol, only 84 tit axe books nidan
  11. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Sees Starman rush to Birdie. then suddenly forgot to warn Starman that the essence he had put in his mouth he had to spit out, cause it would become poisoness after some time out of the water. Quickly runs on his way picking up one of his knifes to Starman and without warning him quickly pulls back his head and open his mouth with big force, sees the little bit of the air essence that was left under starmans toung, it's already beginning to melt, quickly puts his knife into starmans mouth and pulls the air essence out. Then slowly walks away and leaves the people behind. At the lake he picks up his armor and starts dresssing himself. After doing this walks back to starman and Birdie, and sees that starman is still shocked of what just happened. Then explains what happened.
  12. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    well the lake doesn't seem to be that big, maybe you wanne go for a swim I was thinking of having a swim anyway's, so now we could check if there is something down in the lake. Shouldn't be a really big problem, walks to his bag and takes some wind essences out. Walks back to starman, ever seen these, holds op the essences to starman. If you put one in your mouth while swimming you can hold your breath for 20 minutes, i've got enough of those to swim under water for 3 hours, so we could check if there is anything on the bottom of the lake. Care to come? ***without waiting for starman walks out of the cabin and trows his clothing+armor on the border of the lake, then dives in with a hand full of wind essences***
  13. First Post. Cloning

    WOW the horror.
  14. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    turns too Starman and thanfully takes some of the bread, then reminds the deer meat he made earlier and kept some of it. Pulled it out of his bag and cut some slices of the meat, puts some of it on the bread he got from starman. Then offers starman some of it. "Hey starman. what do you think of this demon, got any idees how to get rid of him. I don't trust him. If you or embers desides to take him with him, fine with me but don't think i will trust him, my dad alway's said: never trust a demon" Sees Birdie walk outside, but seeing her movement desides to shut his mouth, was just about to say something but doesn't do it. Hears her trowing a rock on top of the little shed. And shout something, prolly the demon she is trying to talk to. Then turns to his bread and starts eating in silence.
  15. all my base