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    Yo mama's house. Just messin. (Virginia)
  1. Multi Theft Auto

    lol i just think it'd be weird top plat any GTA game on PC lol "Uh what key was that" lol But it sounds & looks really koo 8)
  2. Conquer - So much better than el

    LoL i remmeber tellin sirdan that! omfg 500 megs and change lol i just said * smeg it* yep MU Online is pretty good 8) Sirdan, u can just email them that u lost ur email so trhey can send ya a new V Key :wink: FOr those that havbn't played this game check it out, koo game (when u have time (chance, bored, ect..) Have a nice day, Kayuo
  3. Should i go back to EL?

    It's been awhile since i've played EL (i think i played it 80 sumthin days ago) Man i went through this long ass drive from califonia to virginia :x I was wondering is anyone would want me to go back or not or wuts happened since i left. (not like on the news section but others stuff) :wink:
  4. The Lancers are recruiting

    Yea u can say i left for real life reasons cause I moved from west coast to east coast. No more Cali now Virginia <Flordia in a year and a half (hopefully)> Just thought i'd drop by or sumthin lol 8) :wink:
  5. my turn to quit.. :(

    True that man he's AFK cause he's goin undercover and sleepin with hot babes 8) :wink: Sup
  6. looking for guild.

    glad to see theres a few playas still hea lol. Sup Rakthul! Long time no see lol (well just thought i'd drop by man)
  7. MU Online

    I dunno if i'll come back.. maybe around the Summer.. :wink: for now i'll just stop by time to time.. :wink: I didn;t know it was lonely in ELwithout me? LoL i thought u guys have forgotten me along time ago... Don't worry Aerowind, i'll be back though 8)
  8. MU Online

    Opinions..Opinions :roll: , this game looks kinda cool. :wink:
  9. NH perk

    I think some NHs should be on p2p and some should be on free. Or you could hire some new ones or stuff. This is my opinion just do what ya want :wink: and NHs have a pretty easy job (not really hard/alot of work :wink: )
  10. Big List of Things for sale, read read read :p

    Ok i'll give ya 500k for the black cloak. :wink:
  11. looking for a guild

    That awright! You can probably encourage him into joining. By answering the following questions: Why should i join? What do i get out of it? Do you have enemeys? Do you have events? You know that kinda stuff 8) :wink:
  12. 100 million giveaway!

    oh me too! 8) What time is it?
  13. looking for a guild!

    Or u can just few all the guilds you think is right for you. Check the Guild List. 8) http://host115.ipowerweb.com/~eternal-/php...opic.php?t=3558 "*Whatever Floats Your Boat*
  14. Big List of Things for sale, read read read :p

    Could u list a price for these items? :? Or do we have to offer to your satisfaction?
  15. looking for a guild

    Im not member hungry and i agree with Grum. I like it when people ask me to join my guild. Instead of asking/Invite. 8) You choose guild you like not them choose yours. :wink: *"Whatever Floats Your Boat"*