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  1. PLayers banned I guess

    can i get my Ip address unbanned?
  2. PLayers banned I guess

    You just dont get that my brother and I are .. are very close ..He visits me I visit him .. yes we play thegame together alot and we do help each other ..we are brothers.. didnt think I coildnt give my brother stuff .. so your saying Id have to charge my brother a price for say a service and Im not alud to give him stuff i got tht he needs? any of you live in ohio If so you wpould be more that welcome to come visit or heck call me ill give ya my number or ill call you guys since i got unlimited long distant calling .. Because I still dont see where us playing together and helping each othe ris against the rules .. if you can plz post the rule that i broke not just Mulitplaying ... this all a really messed up situation .. Ive been playing this game for a long time .. not sure whn i started playing but its been atleast 4 years .. can ya tell me when i signed up for this game>??? thank you for your time..
  3. PLayers banned I guess

    multi.. you mean them playing over at my house is illegal?? if you would just look at the loggs for marko92 marcusdale and jbo youd see they mostly logg from another IP which is where they live .. them logg at my IP when they come to visit .. post the loggs here so all can see if there as bad as you say they are .. But I bet theyll see that the 3 Im talking about dont llive here ther my family that visit .. And Id sign a waiver to have you post it here.. if you say you cant .. but plz take a sec . to look at what im saying not everyone is a cheater just because you say we are .. who owns the game anyways let me talk to them give me a email addresss plz.. copperarrow
  4. PLayers banned I guess

    di d you even look at my other post or did you just figure im a cheater and thats it? my brother loggs in from his IP addy .. just look and youll see and my nephew and brother in law Nmaes are marko92 marcusdale jbo why punish them if I broke a rule? do you want my pnone # and theres to prove im not lying bout them? plus plz tell me the rule i broke ?? copperarow
  5. cant logg in

    Ok I was told I was banned because my wife made A guy to Harvest with and took all the Neg. perks.. and My brother and brother in law cant log in either are they getting punished because they come over and play here at my house? Ok here is a list of guys that play here regularly at my house that live here . copperarrow crazyminer WheelBarrel BronzeArrow copper2 Now here is the list of my brother and brother in laws and nephews guys marko92 marcusdale jbo You can check the logs of the players of people that dont live at my place and see that they regulary log in from different IP's than mine." "What have i actually been banned for? which rule are you saying i broke?" hope we can get it sorted out. copperarrow
  6. PLayers banned I guess

  7. PLayers banned I guess

  8. PLayers banned I guess

    Well let me start by saying no cheating going on .. me and my brother, brother in law my wife and my girls and nephews and friends plays EL on my computers so thats why there are so many guys logging onto my IP address .. here is a list of the players .. copperarrow is me WheelBarrel is my wife crazyminer is my 1 daughter bronzearrow and copper2 is my other daughter . she made bronzearrowe because copper2 was a guy. i made copper2 she wanted a girl.. you can delete copper2 Marok92 is my brother you can see he plays from this ip addy and his as he visits alot .. marcusdale is my brothers (marko92) son jbo is my brother in law that lives at marko92's house vanman1968 or its vanman68 is my neighbor next door that plays over here.. coper3 is the guy i mad to see why i couldnt logg into game.. can be deleted .. As you can see there is alot of players yes on my Ip addy but some of them are on another IP which is my Brothers house .. we just play EL fotr the fun of having something to do.. didnt think we are doing anything against rules.. s plz check into the addys youll see there are to places that we play from .. but there my family so thats what we do .. so plz unblok guys so we can play .. No harm intended..