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  1. Harvester Medallion broke without an event

    Lost my harmed to this "uneventful" event this day as well. Also, this one lasted only to THIS very event, which was FIRST on this medallion, really quality stuff
  2. Selling freshly harvested (still cleaning some bits of raw titanium ore off the stone...) Vegetal removal stone. Let's start at 900kgc. Increments in at least 5kgc. BIN price is 1Mgc. Happy bidding EDIT: nearly forgot, auction ends at 30.12. by the 3 p.m. CET (that's 2 p.m. GMT)
  3. Vegetal nexus removal stone AUCTION

    Holy cow that was insanely fast - sold to anonymous buyer in game for 1Mgc, thanks all for the interest
  4. Why replace? Greaves are nice quest IMHO. Better to add serpent sword between chains and greaves
  5. Make all break rates 75% less and replace all existing NMTs with pink fluffy boots with -1 armor - problem with NMT surplus solved and everybody wins
  6. More assignments from Haidir

    Damn, I oversaw that the thread has been gravedigged. Mea culpa
  7. More assignments from Haidir

    Reading all those replies - you do not know your Haidir - there are already armed orcs in TD, panda bears in Arius, FCW in WVF,MCW in GP, Feroses in NRM or female orcs in VOTD gold mine. Before suggesting, recheck those at el/wiki or somewhere else But otherwise, it would be nice to have more different dailies of course. Think about 15 acw in Hulda, 10 giants in Thelinor or as pointed above - DRAGONS!
  8. Harv Tutorial

    Apart from the price for the books, which is quite substantial. I, for example, never needed to harvest rare metals, yet I'm reading all the mining books (several tens of kgcs), so it's not so pure xp profit per say Yes, yes, but after reading all those books, you will become a better person, even a better harvester, so you profit from that harvester quest, not only from the XP, but too from the knowledge. So you can only win by doing that quest Piper Well, since I'm only one book short of being able to harvest every ore/mineral/plant, I guess there is a point in that
  9. Harv Tutorial

    Apart from the price for the books, which is quite substantial. I, for example, never needed to harvest rare metals, yet I'm reading all the mining books (several tens of kgcs), so it's not so pure xp profit per say
  10. Harv Tutorial

    For me, timeslots would not be such annoyance, if there is some clue to when it should be harvested. But e.g. for yarrow and wormwood, there is basicly no clue (timeslot clue) whatsoever. Where is the challenge in that? I would not mind even narrower timeslots if only there were some clues and hints from Draia history or whatever to them. But if the only info you get is "there is a short window to harvest that or that" - that is not a challenge, just annoyance IMHO.
  11. Boss for the 80-100 Invance

    LOL, this guy is funny
  12. Boss for the 80-100 Invance

    Not as easy as you think. What if the giant got you alone? Not to mention you said two people under 100 a/d coulda been high 90s. People that go to 80-100 invance can be low 80s. Not to mention you killed a Giant with 2 PEOPLEwith Alot of good gear, and you still had to diss twice. This it WITHOUT Yetis on you aswell, or Mountain Chims. You also said "Sure I needed to diss 2 times and got almost killed, but hey, that's what boss monsters are for, right?" Maybe that's your definition as boss monster. Would you consider Ice dragon as boss monster? I would not. Im pretty sure most people consider boss monsters as Castellan, Mare Bulangiu, Bulangiu, Jegos, stuff with high hp, that requires teamwork, with a nice reward at the end. Else what's the point of wasting your time to kill "this" boss monster. The reason why i said teamwork is because stuff like Giants, Red, Black, Ice drags are mostly pinnable, + people can solo them. Tell me someone who can solo a Castellan, Okay? Boss monster fights need to be hard, we sure can agree on that. Also, if boss gets you alone, it's your fault only. Disengage, call coords and for backup TEAM a get him together. High gear? If you have low gear, you have no business in invance according to established rules as they are by now. And yes, I consider Ice dragons as boss monsters simply enough, that there are not so many people, who can solo them (pinning doesn't count, it's a bug not a feature IMHO). If there are only few high 90s in the invance, well tough luck. If there would be only 120s in 120-200, we would lose as well. Do not expect to win everytime. It's supposed to be struggle, not free XP
  13. Boss for the 80-100 Invance

    Giants impossible for 80-100? What? Get SoP, MoL, RDHLM and mirror cape and trust me, it will fall down... even w/o rangers. We killed Novac's one in two people under 100 a/d using this. Sure I needed to diss 2 times and got almost killed, but hey, that's what boss monsters are for, right?
  14. Wondering

    I guess, that, if it's not obviously multiplay (meaning one char is only miner/muler whilst second one gets all the goods), you can do whatever is allowed to other players. Point is not to ban people on the same IP, but to prevent them from having alts helping them. Two people with two separate chars (caveat: if you log onto hers and vice versa, you lose this privilege) should and usually are treated non multi on the same IP. I, myself, am speaking from personal experience as me and Holar are relatives and sometimes play from the same IP (two people, two notebooks, two chars, one ISP router )
  15. Boss for the 80-100 Invance

    I remember killing DCW with two people around 55-60 a/d (mirror cape and LOTS of restores), so why not add some lower chimaeras there? DCW and/or FCW should be feasible IMHO...
  16. Need new daily for alchemy

    Then how comes I have like 3 times more XP in attack or defense doing only daily quests, while alchemy lags big time, even after regular usage
  17. Try clearing dragons from invasions - with several of them around you - pinnig and killing is a real challenge! Teamwork? Tanks, support, archers, engineers (when snares are improved...), all can contribute, right? Multiplayer ftw!
  18. mule changes

    I wonder, how mules are able to trade with NPC then? Some secret telekinesis, mere players or bots don't possess?
  19. mule changes

    Well, trading to NPC while not be able to trade bots and players is a bit silly. If you trade with player, you have to use the unsafe drop-the-bag-walk-onto-it style. So I agree with the first suggestion. Casting spells is another chapter and perhaps, there is a reason to it...
  20. Srsly, IMO You shouldnt be able to kill a dragon with less than 4 people anyway, let alone a sigle ranger using a "Epic feature"(PIN). Couldn't agree more. make the dragons powerful again please! Now, they are just overgrown lizards, farmed 24/7
  21. It's MMO people! You can cooperate for crying out loud! You can easily kill RD with 2 ppl, one decent ranger and one tank. I am nearly 120/120, yet I can hold a red dragon long enough for a ranger to kill it, one flee if I'm unlucky enough. So, remove the pin and use the human pinning instead, just like in every other MMO out there, there are tanks, healers, spellcasters, rangers and whatever-thing-they-doers COOPERATING when taking down boss monsters. Unless of course you consider dragons a farm mob, which seems a bit ridiculous...
  22. Make snares more efficient according to engineering level of placing player. Pin is a bug, not a feature IMHO. Dragons are supposed to be epic bosses, not single person dumb target...
  23. The problem is much broader than this. Radu would have to effectively update and adjust all NPC prices every six months/year to the actual economical situation in the game to make it work... There are plenty of items, which are much cheaper bought than made, maybe it's on purpose as a money sink, maybe it's just an old times relic, who knows...
  24. Potion of Action Points

    At least some use for the surplus of amber out there. This basicly conserves the AP from amber and allows them to be used by any player... Like the idea. But it seems too cheap, maybe to get some use to black scales, add 1 black scale to the formula, multiply the original ingredients by 10 and let the formula produce 10 action potions?
  25. Just make him leopard skin with bruises and bloody stains on the head, that'll do. That could be as well done for the fluffies, which are indistinguishable from ordinary white rabbits...