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  1. Removal/modification of rule 5

    I voted yes although I can see some valid arguments for yes & no here. I guess we can keep debating this every so often and guessing what effect it will have on the game but imho I think the only way to find out for sure is to give it a try. Decisions can be reversed if they don't work, right? I am not a 24-7 player and I am sure those with more playing hours and more or better computers than me may benefit more but then they already have more hours to level than I do so makes no difference. One argument I am struggeling with is that everyone will suddenly be playing loads of alts all at the same time, for no matter how many computers some players may or may not have they still have one pair of hands dont they ? and the more alts you play the less attention you can pay to each one,providing ofc that macro remains illegal. I think if we gave it a try it might just add a bit more fun to the game and those with shared computer s/ip addresses would not risk being banned for just playing the game. Doesnt look from the vote that it will be a yes this time but i do hope at some point in time we give it a try just my 2 peneth worth
  2. paper + quill & ink icons

    The icons for quill & ink also paper appear the same as gemstone hammer & chisel, checked in trade window with another player & they see the same
  3. More realism - rotting items

    hmm more realistic would that also mean chars would age, become more feeble as they get older and then go poof too ?To spend ages harvesting only to have to do it again, sorry but much as I love EL I know I wouldnt bother playing if this was implemented.it would be Way too frustrating for me
  4. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    Congrats to you both, Very best wishes
  5. Mini Harv Events

    I think it just depends whether you want to play or afk. imo is a great game and I prefer to play. I guess unlike some I dont have the opportunity to afk harvest at work, I would get fired! Only niggle I have so far is trying to harvest and read forums at same time, so wouldnt object if rate of events slowed down a little but if not I can live with it. It sure levels the playing field.
  6. Adopt a newbie program

    or maybe put some of these things on ip. I think the mentor idea is great, I had an unofficial one when I started playing and Im still here. Id be happy to mentor
  7. sorry radu

    A Big thank you, greatly appreciated. l will make sure I check properly next time kylass
  8. sorry radu

    i write to appologise. had not been logged in for long when invasion started and only caught the 1 min warning while on way to harvest ruby in nc and if no low level fighters there to collect a few bones from skellies on the way. maybe i didnt read properly or missed a post but thought it just said nc and somewhere else safe for under 50s. as you will see from my player history i have not fought in invasion for long time and only just started to train a/d again. I was going to have a go in this one and just thought I would start in ws. not realising this rule. Only on now reading ban post by mallards i see the 50 limit in ws. Not arguing ban as my fault for not keeping up with rules. just to say sorry and it was not intentional to break rules kylass
  9. Man (player) eating leopard

    I dont think it is a good idea, but a brilliant one that can only add to the game. Maybe there could be an opening here for a new stone, something like rosto shard which could be more commonly found and cheaper than a full rosto but could be attached to a single item only to protect it, ie for harvestors to protect a cape or col only. I say this a full rosto would probably cost more than a harvesters full carry inventory in many cases - Just a thought.
  10. Mage class, Fighter class

    I may have got this totally wrong but im ceratain someone will be quick to enlighten me if i have. My point is with this new proposed restore formula it seems that those who have over maxed on coords will get pp back to place straight on reasoning and will giving them a head start on the restore spell whilst those who have a more even spread of pps inc nexus. even if at the same oa level will need to either reset or work for ages to get any reasonable level of restore. Thus giving the advantage to those players who have over maxed on coords - i havnt worked out what my own restore would be but atm as not sure which formula will be favoured in the end. but as example I have an oa of 106, magic 47 reasoning 4 and will 12 (coord 44 so no return of pp) again im guessing but for a "reasonably" experienced player i think i will be restoring like a newbie (btw i could never afford enough stones to remove enough pps to be useful) please correct me if im wrong it may even convince me to vote yes if it comes to a poll as in general I quite like the idea of other attributes being more important it will add an extra dimension to the gameplay. But if its a case of no more fluffies for me and back to IP bunnies I couldn't in all seriousness vote for the change
  11. Attributes cap for the main server

    QUOTE(kylass @ Dec 13 2007, 01:02 PM) it does IMO seem a little less drastic than halting players in certain elements of their developement Just a general question and not a flame or argument in any way.. How many non pkers/fighters have got attributes over the proposed cap limit ? just being nosey -------------------- I can only speak personally and I have not yet exeeded the limit I am not a pker but do train on monsters would have hoped to have exeeded the proposed coord level within the next 2-3 months and im under no illusion of being a top player im more mid range or lower i guess
  12. Attributes cap for the main server

    ok i am a "OMG WTF NO WAY" Personally i would feel less insulted if I could have just voted "NO" For what its worth this is an alternate suggestion (just a suggestion which as such i hope does not receive personal or scathing remarks) How about making it - (On main) for pk there is a combat level range so players may only engage players within a given range of their own combat level ie "Near god players" may only att other near god players and newbies may only att newbies etc etc. which could result in a msg such as "att unsucessful enemy is not within your combat level range". Could it be done ? would it be workable ? it does IMO seem a little less drastic than halting players in certain elements of their developement and could also encourage PK which I assume is the required outcome, BTW I have played games where teamwork is necessary to kill certain monsters and have seen upto about 30 players online at any one time-Perhaps ive played the wrong ones but IMO an indication of the popularity of this method of game play
  13. instinct removal stone

    selling instinct removal stone pm me in game or post with your offer if interested
  14. ip banned

    thank you v much Aislinn for all your help
  15. ip banned

    hi please can you help my user name in game is kylass when i try to log in it says my ip is banned and i have no idea why or what i could have done to warrant a ban.please can you help.