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  1. Pls unban

  2. Pls unban

  3. Pls unban

    Ok. We was make chars on friend computer. My new nick i Abyss and Berith new nick is nocturno.
  4. Pls unban

    My new nickname will be Abyss if that is free, and berith new nickname will be nocturno. Pls whitelisted me so quick how quick you can
  5. Pls unban

    Thx i will start again of coz My ip is xx.xx.xx.xx and old nick in game is Adral, about my friend i will write tomorow becous i must ask him about his ip
  6. Pls unban

    Why anyone admin don't reply?
  7. Pls unban

    HI Pls unban my IP and IP of my friend BerithPL. We have ban for a long time. I promise in my and his name that we will never broke rules of el again.
  8. Pls unban

    Pls unban me and my friend BerithPL, we was have ban a lot of time. I think enought long to dont make enything stupid again. If you dont want unban char, unban just ip pls. Adral
  9. Banned

    No i will just about 5min, and anyone from our network cant play :| We all have same ip :| i dont know how to say that in english but you know what i mean ?
  10. Banned

    I was in toilet, than he wrote it, than i back turn off el and go home.
  11. Banned

    I was talking with my friend and he say his brother write something not nice using my char :| I was dont know anything about it :|
  12. Banned

    I am banned, and dont know why :| I was playing el at my friend home and everything was ok, i go back to my home, turn on el and can not log in. Pls help me !