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  1. Dorplein

    Hmm ok, that's prolly right. So he's banned because he prolly did a few things on kevin's character while kevin was at out home, and later kevin gave stuff to robin. That's seen as illegal multiplaying? So if I click once on robin's acount, and later he gives me some potion, I get banned for illegal multiplaying?
  2. Dorplein

    Oh I can't ask him because he didn't do that. Do you or don't you believe kevin and robin are two different persons?
  3. Dorplein

    Thanks for answers and unbanning and I'll talk to my brother again tommorow. Precisely. We do see some times that they are logged on together. Funny though how they (with only 2 exceptions that I found) only trade and remove/deposit stuff from storage when that happens. We also see when robin2 logs off and kevin50 immediately logs on for a few minutes or so then logs off and robin2 logs back on (your IP). You cannot possibly try to convince me that's how two friends play together. That's when they're on the same computer. Can you answer this question please?
  4. Dorplein

    Well...which is it? I don't know exactly when they are at my place to play eternal lands, I just know my little brother told me that they barely play. If your brother used somebody else's account to help himself, that IS illegal multiplaying. He and kevin were in the same room, on different computers, and kevin gave stuff to robin, that isn't illegal now is it? And if they were the same person, why didn't he make all those things on his own char then? He'd get exp for it, it'd be totaly useless to gain exp with that other character while making stuff to give the stuff made to the main character. There must be some way to see in the logs that they play at the same time doing stuff simultaniusly and that they can't be one person. Or he asked a friend to help him gain stuff?
  5. Dorplein

    Sorry for the thanks in advance then, but the story about kevin50 being a different person is true, he still only plays from our house because he's a friend of my little brother. I don't know what trading went on between them but I can tell him not to let anyone log in from our comp, except for me and him. I can understand what it looks like, and my brother might have used his friend to get him more stuff, but it's still another person so it's not illegal multiplaying. Can you give me some sort of indication how much stuff or anything he traded with kevin50? Thanks for considering to unlock Dorplein and I also hope you'll unlock robin2.
  6. Dorplein

    I'm Dorplein, my little brother is robin2, glenn and kevin are his friends and stijn is my nephew who made an acount here but will prolly never play again. I know my little brother and I were training together a few days ago and traded some pots but I think glenn, kevin and stijn barely play. My little brother said he traded some pots with kevin and nothing with the rest. I have no idea how he tried to scam someone because he can barely speak english. Can you provide me some logs and can you please unban Dorplein and robin2, I don't think the other ones care that they are banned. Thanks in advance.
  7. Dorplein

    When I try to login nothing happens, so it seems I'm banned. My brother is banned too. Why are we banned?
  8. Who remembers....

    EL has never become what it was before the crash for me.
  9. Dorplein

    Thanks for unlocking me
  10. Dorplein

    The town I live in is named Dorplein so that's why there are more Dorplein-characters, I only made Dorplein. I do know the people who made Dorplein1,2,3 but I have no power over them so I can't forbid them to do that. You can see that because Dorplein1,2,3 have probably never logged in from the same IP Dorplein always logs in from. What do you mean with that? That I shared my character? If that's what you mean I can assure you I am the only person who knows the password and I am the only person who has ever played with that account. I can't reassure no other Dorplein(4,5,6) will be created because it's not me doing it and I can't control the people doing that. I have never done anything wrong and as it always did, my main(and only character) Dorplein, will behave. Thanks for responding
  11. Dorplein

    Aha, thank you. I didn't know I could see it there. Then I would like to know why I was locked. Could I please get a response this time?
  12. Dorplein

    Could I get a response please?
  13. Dorplein

    When I try to log in nothing happens. If I remember correctly this means my character is locked. I can log in with my brothers character so it isn't anything with my client. I would like to know if Dorplein is locked and if that's correct I would like to know why my character is locked.
  14. robin2

    Yep, thanks a lot.
  15. robin2

    Ok thank you very much, can I know who locked him or do I just have to wait?