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  1. An IC only channel? How the hell does that work? Are you RPing that you're all telepaths that can communicate across the entire EL world?
  2. Exactly the problem. The best fit I can think of would be skill specializations at certain levels, and players who are above those levels could retroactively assign their exp to things. Jevik
  3. First off, I want to be perfectly clear that this isn't a bash to other players, or the game design. It is meant as constructive criticism. I'd also like to make it clear that I really do think this game has a lot to offer, else why would I bother posting this, or play the game for that matter? Let's talk about the basic game design of EL (as I see it). The game, simply, is not enjoyable to level up in. However, the game *is* enjoyable to gain new levels in. What I mean by this, is that it's fun to get new levels in stuff -- it's cool to be able to make that new potion, or cast that new spell, or fight that new monster. However, the process of levelling up until you can hit that new content is horrendously boring. You don't notice it at first, because you hit the new content fairly quickly at the lower levels. Also, if you get bored of one stream (say combat), can switch to another (say manufacturing). But around 30 or so, you hit a brick wall. Things slow *way* down. And then again at around 40-50, the pace of new content hits another brick wall. Let me rephrase that -- it slams balls-first into another brick wall. And you're stuck doing the boring process of levelling up, for weeks at a time, until you can get to new content. And then at higher levels, you don't level up to get new stuff, you basically level up to be the best. All MMORPG's face this problem. And the general solution that they have is that, when content fails, community picks up the slack. Unfortunately, for the most part, EL is designed to not have a community. In fact, players are useless, or worse than useless in most cases. Hunting is the big example. It's far, far better to hunt on your own; it's not just that other players can't help you, but they in fact HURT you by taking spawns. Other players are literally only useful for economy purposes. . . buying or selling you stuff to and from. Although this will change with guilds, as Entropy has mentioned. Most games force player interdependancy right from basic game design, usually one of two ways. The first is by hard limitations: Class-based systems where a single character can only do a fraction of what's needed on their own. Sure, it's usually possible to get by on your own, but it's a hell of a lot harder and frsutrating. Others go by a more soft method. You can do what you want, but the total amount of what you can do is capped, so it's usually far more worthwhile to specialize in one or two things and get others players to help you. Here's the point where I cop out. I don't have a solution that will fit into the current game architecture. But I hope that the points raised will at least spark some thought on the matter. Jevik
  4. Daemos...

    Not meant as a bash, as you're obviously trying to get in touch with old people. But it's going to spark a round of "I'm the oldest" from the veteran players. Ugh. Jevik
  5. Buying Leather pants for 40k

    Leather patns drops have become very rare. Prices are going up. Jevik
  6. Win Two Million Gold Pieces

    500k was won by both MikeH and CricketGod. You have a week to claim your prize or I do another draw for it. One million gold was won by JimBob. Jevik P.S.: Never in my time here have I ever been the subject as to so much grief, harassment, and hostility as because of this lottery. Giving stuff away sucks.
  7. New storage, kmon

    The odd thing is, if the vote was allowed to go on for another half hour, WSC would have swept it. At the time the new storage was added, it was 4-4 bettween WSC and VOTD. Jevik
  8. New storage, kmon

    Because people, for some odd reason, preferred one in VOTD. Jevik
  9. Here's a crazy idea. Make combat not so incredibly mindless that an unattended computer is just as good at it. Jevik
  10. cool trick - count the F's

    I got all of them, but that's probably cause I've taken many linguistics courses and read both phonetically and lexicographically at the same time. Jevik
  11. New storage: WHERE?

    Okay, let's put it in the ass end of Grubani, that's pretty deserted. Jevik
  12. New storage: WHERE?

    Ignoring such things as inns and general stores, which seem common to nearly all... WSC -- Flower shop, magic shop, iron ore. Grahms -- Magic shop VOTD -- Flower shop. 1 minute from Portland storage Lakeside -- ...., one minute from Portland Treetown -- Fur vendor Isla Prima -- #beam me up (but for how much longer?) Crystal caves -- Shorter walking distance for mining
  13. New storage: WHERE?

    WSC would be great for making iron/steel bars, and for pots (flower shop), not ot mention less essence hauling. On the other hand, Treetown would be nice for summoning.... Jevik
  14. Stimulus-Response

    When making an omelette, you need to kill a few people. I mean, break a few eggs. Jevik