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  1. hello, i have problem... downloaded files from link on first page, unpacked, copied into EL dir and... after start client crash all time. I checked on few account, always crashed in the same time, after conect to serwer, when i chose my char from menu
  2. New client binaries for testing

    in OS settings I set 200% scale (3840x2160), unfortunately this seting dont change cursor size over EL window (in pure windows and other aps it works great) btw, i have "small cursor" in oryginal EL client too, but i hope there is any solution not only habitiate it this is "fresh laptop" so i have almost fresh windows with new Nvidia drivers (geforce 940MX), so i think its not OS/drivers problem but....... i think im not only with 4K screen and EL on board, i curious if other have similar problem
  3. New client binaries for testing

    All UI items scaling well, but i have problem with cursor. Since i got laptop with 4K screen (lenovo T570) i have problem with cursor size (only in EL window) It means, when i move cursor over EL window its geting smaller for example cursor over windows desktop https://zapodaj.net/48b38b6409969.jpg.html and cursor over EL window https://zapodaj.net/6223858e9f5d4.jpg.html its no problem with system settings, in other aps scalling cursor (and other item) works well any idea? sry for my english
  4. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    I tested few hours android app and have some comments/hints 1. cant open keyboard on chat screen 2. on main windw fonts are definitelly to large (atleas on 5" phone's screen), is it possible to set small fons on main screen and biger on chat? 3. health/mana bars dispalyed cover icon's bars 4. cant add spells to quickbars 5. is it possible do increase vertical and horizontal blue bars on main screen 6. cant save any change in options window (non rooted phone, dont have access to location listed as place to save config - /data/user/0/com.el.elc/files/config/ ) 7. is it possible do move text on chat screen by finger (not only by small bar on right side), scaled by fingers text size would be nice too 8. lack of "poor man" option, or somethin like that, mainly i hav eabout 7-10fps, but when set off GFX options (shadow etc) fps increased to 30-40 (unfortunatelly cnat save setings, look point 6) 9. Add EL icon in place SDL pls i think thats all, sorry for my English, but i hope you can understand what i mean
  5. Cant Login since today morning [solution on second page]

    from Poland cant connect too
  6. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I voted "Yes", but agree that we need cap for max pp, and maybe NPC who will sell atr removals, in other way few day after introduce such chnages, atr removals price hit the sky (maybe i should buy some on market atm? ;p) Also would be nice have chance for redist pp after increase atr cap (maybe one use per char stone, or smth like this)
  7. Skarak's behavior on LT spawn

    you right, but looks like some ppl dont understand such simple community rule ;p
  8. Skarak's behavior on LT spawn

    Hi can i ask if any1 else have problem with skarak on LT spawn in trasian cave?? I train on LT from time to time, usually on morning, few day ago when i came he was on double i try to know how long he plan train and.... [10:52:24] Karolus: hi [10:53:03] [PM to skarak: are you planing long train?] [10:53:05] You failed to flee. [10:53:08] You failed to flee. [10:53:10] You failed to flee. [10:53:12] You failed to flee. [10:53:13] You failed to flee. [10:53:15] [PM from skarak: idi na huy ] [10:54:11] [PM to skarak: ? idiot or drunk? ;p] [10:54:31] You recovered 301 material points [10:54:48] [PM from skarak: ti yobaniy polskiy pidoras ya ne p'yu alkogol' ewe raz govor'u tene IDI NA HUY] [10:54:50] You failed to flee. [10:54:51] You failed to flee. [10:55:55] Ranagall has logged on. [10:56:01] #GM from Ranagall: czesc [10:56:11] [PM to skarak: kk, looks like idiot -> #ignore_list +1] [10:56:17] You failed to flee. [10:56:22] [PM from skarak: kk ] [10:56:25] skarak was added to your ignore list! was such nice behavior but what we can expect on rus members ;p and because i was second it wasnt big problem for me to get single but today i was first on double, he log in and w/o any word he started serp me i dont have time for such child paly with any idiot, but i think such behavior killing EL day by day. Its only my opinion but looks like rus members try own some nice place .... are they putin's child and try blitzkrieg EL? lol
  9. Serwer crash?

    Hi <0:20>: Disconnected from server! it was ~15min ago, i still can't reconect....
  10. Dragon scales

    Agree, but not the same time for all scale. Stronger drag -> more time reduce sounds more fair
  11. SyTy, Luring

  12. SyTy, Luring

    i though that Creedka told all what is needed, but.... Syty broke all rules and good behavior, he scamed my guildie Diss, 24h ago they were in the same guild, and after one scamed another If ex-guildie dont trust him, beter that no1 trust
  13. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    it helps a bit.... but in huge maps (WS) only a bit
  14. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    After about 3-4h play in new client, i have next sugestion Can you set biger zoom on map view as default? or does client can remember last zoom lvl? now changing maps for example enter to sto (especialy on big maps) requires many "pinching" to see when i'm
  15. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    470mb?? omg.... its possible to declare in setings file (or somethink else) place when maps store? I have LG L9 (no root) and cant install aplication on my extended memory (microSD card), so 470mb maps "eat" over 1/4 space for aplication I think it'll be problem not only me (i hope