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  1. Desktop Screenies!

    Sistema that is very hot....... please tell me where you got it. please,please,please.....
  2. I need your input guys!

    Roja anything other then just a face lift would break my heart. The wraith is like a old friend, when I go to see him he helps me remember the old days. For the people that want to split up the wraith or move him my question is this, by doing either of those things does it serve a higher purpose? Is there a true benefit from changing the wraith or is it that you would just like to see yet one more change to a game that I already have a hard time recognizing from the game that I fell in love with.
  3. skull in heck

    If there is a dinosour skull in my backyard, why are there no living dinosours? ~think about it~
  4. Rammstein

    Ramstein-Felsen!!!! Ich wirklich wie die Wiedermischung der Missbildung auf einer Leine taten sie mit Korn.
  5. Fantasy Rock/Metal

    I am more of a Ramstein, Head P.E., and Tool kind of guy but there is a few that I think you might like. lucuna coil sisters of mercy moonspell
  6. The Pope

    *takes a moment of silence to remember a great man* I can only pray that when conclave is done there will be a pope that can continue the humanitarian efforts that was Pope John Paul II legacy.
  7. First Post. Cloning

    I think cloning organs to improve the life of people is fine. The real moral dilemma is when they clone a entire human in effort to live forever. There is a very delicate balance in nature that relies on the old dying and young taking their place. If people are cloned over and over it halts the progress of evolution.
  8. Song game...

    Crash And Burn ~~ Foreigner
  9. Rain

    I swear I have a rain cloud that follows me where ever I go. But I am not complaing I like the rain.
  10. Song game...

    Where's exit 13? - Exit 13
  11. Song game...

    Pantera 13 steps to nowhere
  12. All Clan Leaders or high ranks

    here is the guild list... they have a description of all the guild there
  13. Dundee

  14. i... *starts tearing up*

    Don't ask, don't tell................ simple
  15. Regarding the forums

    I think the majority of the older players continue to play because of the community. When we have done everything in the game that can be done what else is there? Whether you agree or not the forum plays a very large part of keeping this community together. You had said that the guilds could use their own forums, but I see that as dividing the community. In a community as large a EL there is bound to be people that will argue. You of all people should understand that it is healthy to debate things in a neutral space. I remember debating with you about Bush and the war for months. We would not have had that opportunity with out this forum. I really hope you reconsider.
  16. How Rich Are You?

    I have about 6k on me.... but I have about 8 tit axes, 20 steel axes, 5 serps, 6 full sets, 100 iron helms, 100 steel sheilds, various other armour and weapons, gen axe book, ring of power, the ugly stone, and all the capes. (save mod of course) But my most valuable asset in the game is my friends.
  17. Song game...

    Under-tow ---- TooL
  18. Me fighting a duodragon. Battle on pic
  19. Alchemists treated poorly?

    Alch. is a very easy way to make money, you pay nothing to make the ess and bars. I as a manu'er I spend a incrediable amount of money to raise my manu, just to have people complain about me making a 10gc profit off of a steel chain. At one point I was spending 40 to 50k a day to raise my manu. And can anyone guess how I made that money????? (Alchemy). It got to the point where I finnaly made up my mind not to sell my goods on the market channel, I sell to friends and fellow guilds. My point is this while I understand the plite of the alchemist, alchemy is still the best way to make money in EL.
  20. Song game...

    Crowded Head ~ Collective Soul
  21. To try to adopt or not...

    I am a single father of a beautiful little 2 year old girl. It is a major life change taking care of a child. I had to give up many things that I loved so that I could give her everything that she needs. I use to be a very socially active person, but all of that changed the day she was born. Every waking minute is spent taking care of her. You really can't prepare yourself mentally for the kind of responsibility of raising a child. But even though I have given up so much, I have gained so much. The first time you hear your child say "daddy luv you" it makes everything worth it. There is no greater love then the love between a child and a parent. My advice to you is this, if you can truly provide a home where the child will be the most important thing (this means you are willing to give up everything), I say do it.
  22. I knew someone was going to point that out. Yes I am aware of bones to gold, but can you really tell me that you can support yourself using that spell?
  23. Song game...

    A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall: Bob Dylan:
  24. Word association

    your sister
  25. Wedding Rings

    Due to the recent explosion of EL marriages I think that it might me a good idea to make two new rings. You could sell his and her wedding rings on the el shop to all the el couples. They should be wearable items that can not be dropped when you die (no one wants to lose their wedding rings). There would be no other advantage to using them. I personally think that this would make some EL couples very happy.