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  1. Steel Greave of Ubber Defense

    Selling Steel Greave of Ubber Defense 550k Reply here or message EdNovel in game
  2. Bringing Gossip back

    Great job by both of you!!
  3. Banned

    I hope his IP is banned not just that char. Oh and permanently!
  4. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    - How old are you? 50 - Where do you live? USA - Are you studying or working etc.? Working - Do you have long history with computer games or is EL your "first love"? Short History EL was the 1st game I played though I have tried a few others So let's start with "real" questions: 1. The most important reason you play EL? (RL/EL friends, it's fun, you're just too addicted...) RL/EL friends 2. Is there any other reasons you play? The time I spend with PrincssTitanium and other friends 3. How did you find the game? On Google 4. How often do you play? (No need to tell how many hours you play in day, just tell if you play daily or few times a week etc.) Daily 5. Have you tried any other MMORPG's and do you still play them? Auteria and 2 others but not playing anymore Why have you stayed in EL? The smaller community 6. Have you ever bought from EL shop? I have a few times and make bot payments
  5. Time to Celebrate!

    We had a great time everybody I hope you had as much as PT and I Thanks for helping us celebrate and we are looking forward to doing it again next year.
  6. Time to Celebrate!

    Here is a world time zone map link. We are in the central USA (CST) http://www.worldtimezone.com/
  7. Time to Celebrate!

    Hi all!! PT and I are finalizing the contest prizes for our party. Below is an overview: 1 Ice Drag Plate 1 Red Dragon Plate 5 Hydrobars as a pkg. 5 bronze swords 5 Harv Meds 1 Orc Slayer 1 Spear 1 COL 1 Tit. Serp Sword 1 Steel Helm 5 Combos of -1 Hydrobar/1 EFE 5 Combos of -2 steel chains, 100 SRS, 200 HE's, 200 FE's 5k gc 5 Combos of -1 COTU, 1 Ring of Power 3 Combos of -1 MOP, 1 EDE 1 Combo of - 1 MOP, 1 MM Cape 1 Combo of - 1 MOP, 1 Harv Cape 1 Combo of - 1 Baggy Pants, 500 AE's Could be more we will see I hope all can come and help us celebrate
  8. Time to Celebrate!

    It sure has, time flies when your having fun
  9. Time to Celebrate!

    I am looking forward to having some fun like we did at the reception. I truly hope that we get a big turnout.
  10. The Heath Care Bill

    Unfortunately this isn't about health care at all. Rather it is about transforming our society just as Obama said he would. Prepare for more to come. Interesting in this bill is government takeover of student loans. The government can borrow money at about 2% and will charge 6.4% on loans. They are taking that money + medicare money not to pay down the deficit but to fund their entitlement program. It is another sector of society they are trying to takeover. Auto Industry, banking, health care, student loans..... I am for health care reform but think it could be better accomplished handled by the private sector. Any global company would not jump into an undertaking this large. They would beta test ideas see what worked and what didn't until they came up with a good system. Another point is the US has 50% of our population that don't pay taxes and I tire of paying for others bad decisions. Many people who are considered poverty levels and get assistance have cable tv, cell phones, and other luxuries I think unnecessary. I don't think it is right that the fed shifted liability to the states for medicaid and that taxpayers from some states have to help cover other states medicaid costs because the fed bought off for their votes with special deals. There are so many things bad about this and the way it was done it is really a travesty. On the bright side I think Obama will be a 1 term president, Pelosi won't be speaker of the house, and that Reid will be gone too. I could go on but don't want to be compared with Tirun so I will stop now
  11. Annoying point about bots

    The other annoying thing about this is that it distorts market prices. I have tried buying from market at what I consider a fair price only to have the seller tell me so and so bot buys for a higher amount. When in reality the other bot didn't have the gc to pay. The particular Item was binding stones a few weeks ago.
  12. a/d and attributes changes

    I vote no
  13. EL NFL Pool Version 2.0

    I am ok with 9500
  14. EL NFL Pool Version 2.0

    I am in and look forward to this season! I enjoyed last year, oh and make Chrismani pay double entry fees.
  15. Cyberwulf reached Level 100 !

    Truly a monumental accomplishment! WTG