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  1. Creating a new character

    Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/fontv.bmp
  2. Creating a new character

  3. Creating a new character

    I'll take alook. But as far as I know you can not take screenshots of that screen where you make a new character. Cuz you are not actully in the game yet. But i'll take a look. And all it takes for others to see if it's messed or not, is to try making a new character. And the character right away looks messed. Before you hit DONE.
  4. Unable to create ANY characters

    And when you are trying to make a new character, do you see a character that has clothes and a face? or a character that looks kinda scambled? Or is it only that the done button isn't working?
  5. Removing Guild Members!

    Also I would like to add that it would be nice to have a command so you are also able to view members names in your guild. As I would like to know, when someone does leave, who exactully has left! So to add an option in to see a list of your guild members currently in guild, would be a good idea. Thank You.
  6. I would like to suggest that you should make it possible to remove members from your guild (even when they are not online). As I have more then half of my members i would wish to remove as they do not play the game anymore. I don't feel it is fair that I should have to make a new guild just to remove those members from list. Not to mention it is a very important command to have if you are going to have guilds. Cuz alot of the time you will add someone to your guild and find out they are not right for it, and would like to remove them for whatever reason. All they have to do is not come online when the leader is online, to stay in guild. Or they will just stop playing altogether, like in my situation. I hope there will be a cammand added for the guild leaders to be able to remove players at ANY time. Thank You.
  7. Creating a new character

    I havn't actully went into the game with the character. You notice it's scambled wierd when you first click on Create New Character. Where you should see a figure, where you can change your look and choose your name and so forth....the figure is completly scrambled. You can not see it's face or clothes or anything. So you can't choose how you want your character to look before creating it, because of that. I asked about it in the game, and people said they have had the same problem when trying to create a new one. One person told me they had to reinstall the game to fix the problem. Is that really the only way?
  8. Creating a new character

    Yes, i am having the same problem here too. Looks very odd indead. lol
  9. Guild commands

    I was wondering if there is a guild command to bring up a list of everyone in that guild? Or if not can one be put into the game?