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  1. The Gentle Kisses of Twilight Consume Me

    A crystal clear stream, Just what any elf could wish for. He moved from treebranch to tree branch, his footsteps never faulting in their quietness. He almost seems to be dancing by himself,So used to the movement he could do it with his eyes closed. This elf came to a stop, quite nearby this dragoni, He just sat there for a few moments, watching her. Almost as if he wishes to watch her there, But also irritated that he did not have the spring to himself. His long blue hair was braided back. On his back are two swords, looking alot like daggers. His armor light weight and compact. He has leather gloved with the fingers cut out. His limpid brown eyes and silky smooth movements, shows all the signs of a master of whatever he does. He calls out to her from his spot in the tree. "Tell me. Do you always travel alone, And why do you choose to linger alone even if you do travel as such. It is not smart miss. Should use your head one of these times?"
  2. Favorite Place

    Yesh, I still have my spot at the Camp fire and Some NH's tp people out of my spot for me I sit there all the time. Me and you are the AFK kings Bondsy
  3. Urban Dead

    SHHH!~!~ don't let out our secret Pocal
  4. Age survey!

    *calculates tanyias equation* shes 20-22 ^^
  5. A new website

    Don't be shy to ask for help if you want, i'm in Web Design and i have acess to Dreamweaver and Photoshop 7 ^^
  6. Battle Of The Titans

    Make sure to PM me a copy so i can approve and get you some help ^^
  7. Join our Roleplaying group :D

    I could easily come up with a few Guild/clan names for you, all you need to do is ask
  8. More skills?

    Okay! well, here goes my whole shananagan thinger whippershannper thing-a-ma-bob. First lets look at Magic sub sections Magic -Magic Attack --Fire --Water --Air --Earth -Magic Defense --Fire --Water --Air --earth -Library reasearch(The higher this skill the higher Power, Accuracy, Spell sucess rate, and More COMPLEX spells you can cast.) Next i want to put some skills out there ^^ -Tailoring --Leather working(Just 1 deer fur and a fire essence will do.) --Cloth working(Would need a loom and thread for this ^^) ____________________________________________________ -Brewing --Wine --Ale --Whatever the other one is --Dyes(Would be used to make colored cloth for the tailors) Now an INDEPT explaination: Tailoring: For leather, a deer skin would be left out in the sun to make leather, as we have bags that we set out, well have to improvise. A Fire Essence and a deer skin would create heat to suck the moisture out of the Skin. Thus making DRY leather. Leather works would be as follows: Armour -Gloves -Boots -Hats -Pants -Torso For Cloth, different types of dyes will have to be used to make different colored cloths. These for instance could be used to make Cloaks. EG: 5 Emerald, 10 fire essence, and wine, and some way to store the dye(Bottle?). First color you can make with thread will be Grey. If you mix grey thread with a fire essence and a couple diamonds, it will turn White. From there, depending on your dyeing skill, you can make different colors. Emeralds for green, Rubies for red, Sapphires for blue(Just a suggestion, flowers work also.) This would include: Cloths: -Shirts -pants -hats --Mages hats --Cleric hats --Ect. -capes --(non magical or magical? looks or use? no-effect capes would be cool just for the look ^^) Just me two cents on the matter.
  9. Avatar Battle

    Mine was drawn by one friend and Painted by her Friend, some of the stuff she draws is bloody insane I love that picture just because he looks that...damn....cool

    Yoshi now ScubaDee
  11. Mephistian's Invasion

    I would like your feedback on the Invasion today, so i know where to better, remove, and Keep certain parts of the Invasions, thank you ~Yoshi
  12. Avatar Battle

    If you notice i have 2 votes, One from Me and one from Bondsy, I'm in the lead
  13. Community

    And no one is on MY channel, Get your lazy Role playing *beep* up and get on the Rp channel, the more people i see the more inclined i am to Do an event spontaniously. Don't worry about the community, it is about to get interesting
  14. Role Player Guild

    Yep, as long as you pass the test you can join with whoever you feel ^^
  15. Avatar Battle