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  1. Skeptic Perk

    I liked it when it was easy to check #da. Now it's too complicated. I voted scared. If there was a box "I am seriously considering" I would have checked it. I don't like the idea of having a RL charge for an in-game thing. It makes me nervous about the game. I'm really grateful to have a fun game to play. If you have to pay for a game thing in RL $ and no other option, it doesn't fit with an RPG. It takes away from the spirit of fun. So many players wouldn't be able to pay that, and it really makes a statement that not everyone would be equal. And the ability to be equal by working in the game is one reason I really like the game now.
  2. Do you like Diamonds?

    It is funny that the lilac bushes never get picked over. Poor plants. I was looking at the other thread. If people didn't make up evil schemes it might not be as fun. And you could always do thinks like boycott. But it's all hypothetical in this case since you didn't really get that many diamonds. You trickts us!
  3. Server down or my internet?

    I'm back up on Comcast in Chicago without the proxy
  4. Server down or my internet?

    Thank you Banedon for using your time and knowledge with Comcast. Those in "withdrawl," let's try to stay calm
  5. Server down or my internet?

    Could someone post a sample email of what to write and to whom?
  6. Server down or my internet?

    Comcast (merged with AT&T I believe), Chicago
  7. Vial Molds

    That's like saying that it makes no sense that a small hand watch can cost orders of magnitude more than a big table clock... I guess you're suggesting that a small vial is more delicate than a wine bottle and a crafter would have to be more skilled to make something small. That might be true, I really don't know, but a wine bottle takes more material. Plus there's the actual wine involved but that's beyond the scope of my argument.
  8. Vial Molds

    It does not make any sense that you can buy a whole bottle of wine or what have you for 2gc and a little vial costs so much in gold or effort. Why can't vials be sold at magic stores for a small amount?
  9. 1.4.0 Map Bugs

    Edit: realized this post not relevant.
  10. 2 new text commands

    what about a teleport to the underworld without losing items? anything funny would be good, keeps the game well... more fun.
  11. A word that is well over-due

    And the programmers and developers and artists and testers and players that watch out for bad behavior and help newbies. And whoever is paying for the server to run. Thank you for a very fun game.
  12. Do tools break on no break day?

    I lost my shiny new harv medallion I wouldn't have been using it on titanium if I thought it could break. Tools are for making things, not fighting. The description was misleading.