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    middle of nowhere, iowa
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    yeah 100 characters not enough i am a better person than 100 characters can express and so are you
  1. Birthday contest

    3027 \o/
  2. Quote of the week submissions

    OH YEaH! what can i say... Ariet inspires quotation
  3. Quote of the week submissions

    happy at his best you know he loves ariet
  4. How old are you?

    So yeah im 24. I look about 20, feel about 80 and act about 17!
  5. Day Jobs

    My current "job" is recovering from a car accident. A year ago (before the accident) i was photographer, and while i recover i play lots of EL and I promote my mothers artwork. (i get paid in books)
  6. PKer Turtle

    i want the armor that turtles wearing... and how many times does the damn cat have to dissengage before he decides that pk isnt his thing?
  7. Joe Cartoon

    i want a ninja penguin
  8. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    ummm i do say *hugs* in real life
  9. What is your hobbies

    EL is crack for the computer age... so that is m primary hobby singing (www.myspace.com/londonvicarelm) frisbee golf \o/ (i suck lol) movies music reading 420
  10. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    when you see a fox/rabbit/deer/skunk/coon etc by the side of the road and wonder what n00b left all that valuable fur and bones lieing there >.< and a little story... the headline of our local paper recently said "coal mining comes to north iowa" my first thought was.... im over qualified
  11. EL cannt connect to Server

    I never had this problem until today... and now i have spent the last 20 minutes trying to log on on various computers and with Zero luck... I need help as well because I have tried everything and nothign seems to be working
  12. New playable race unveiled!

    I want a pengman!! Or a frog creature... maybe basedon kermit... I would lube that!!
  13. Screenshot Contest

    so yeah i know no more entries for official consideration but this one is still fun yeah nuff said edited for spelling
  14. Gon Hay Fat Choy

    oh oh im a pig