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  1. New invance rules discussion

    +1 This way players won't fight over who takes gate and sits still for an hour. Tyrannis
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Can I change my next order of blue quartz to Rose quartz please? Tyrannis
  3. indefinite boot?

    hi this is Tyrannis, thought i can post here since i live with frantic and share the same IP [17:44:07] [PM to Aislinn: please let him come, next time he says anything to mods u can ban/booted me aswell. ] [17:44:21] [PM from Aislinn: I don't want to ban/boot you. ] but now i got ban anyway, can my character Tyrannis be whitelisted please?
  4. Essences and More for sell

    500 cf 38k gcs Tyrannis ty
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k blue quartz (20k) 10k blue quartz (20k) 10k rose quartz (20k) Tyrannis
  6. Essences and More for sell

    1k matter essence please Tyrannis
  7. Selling Joule stone

    igm. Tyrannis 135k
  8. Summer Storage Sale

    Ingame name Tyrannis 4103 We, 7gc ea 256 gem sanding paper 10gc ea
  9. SouthernComforts Top Shelf Service's

    5k sunflowers (3k gcs) 5k rose quartz(10k gcs) Tyrannis
  10. SouthernComforts Top Shelf Service's

    ingame Tyrannis 5k blue quartz please
  11. SouthernComforts Top Shelf Service's

    10k blue star flower 5k red rose 5k red snaps ingame name: Tyrannis
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Ingame name Tyrannis 10k sapphires(32k) 10k rose quarts (20k) 10k blue quarts (20k) thank you
  13. post

    Unless you're a mod stay the fk away from this thread!.
  14. post

    So, If I understand correctly: You'll bann everyone who's using someone else's char? since you're saying its not for the trade but for using both accts. Its ok; No point on arguing this topic, you know you've made a mistake by banning me but rather twist rules around instead of admitting it. All I read from you telling ppl is that the give you bs, but that's what we're getting: its a dif story everytime, since its obvious I got banned for the wrong reasons since the beginning. (You're the mod, I'm not so I'll just leave it at that.)
  15. post

    If I'm right, your reasons are for trading w/tyrannis and tyrannis trading w/godzangel while it was my acct. You, yourself, Asgnny and Annatira approved my trading with tyrannis so this is no "song". We started playing EL from two different countries, and before any trading went on we were approved to do so, Items were payed for or traded for other stuff of equal value. No one complained about this "song" when tyrannis bought two thermals, one for me and one for herself, or when I bought rostos, name changes etc etc, at that time we were two real people.