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  1. Storage for sale

    Sold Leave offers here or Pm me
  2. GODz

  3. PK Goddess of EL

    Well We all know im better female pker. I worked my way up, and now i have over 940 won fight and 100 lost, trained my char from scratch and never gave up. Never ran away cause others were stronger than me. I dont need recognization from others cause i know im the best :< Yes, theres alot of pr0 males pkers, but this is about female pkers. Those who doesnt know who i am, should take a look at their death counters my name could be there unless u dont pk :> Btw this might not be the right place, but i would like to thank those pk guilds that brought some fun to kf and NCA. Specially WWW/Lion cause thanks to them i had lots of fun in pk. Unfortunately im quitting for now, have fun all Tyrannis best female pker
  4. PK Goddess of EL

    I asked tiger to plz not make a poll, since it wasnt neccessary. I been playing game for 5+ and been on and off. Yes, Cherut been training alot, and i havent, but i have to say that i started pking when i was 40s a/d. Bigkav and other that know me well, know this is true, yes, i used to die alot, but i learned, thx to Scarface and Bigkav. and if we talking about lvling up, well, in 2 months i went from low 110 to mid 130. Now i have better things to do than lvl up. When i was high 120/low 130 i could take almost any1 and i stop dying as much. Desdamona was a good pker, and i cant compare myself to many good pkers, but i think i have been around enough and learned the hard way, since i have never had many guildies to back me up or many alliances.
  5. GODz Siggy Shop.

    Miss you Eddie
  6. GodZ spawn serper

    Nah didnt name changed lol, I had 2 chars
  7. GodZ spawn serper

    u faild oz
  8. GodZ spawn serper

    LMAO look whos talking, that one that pms any guildless high a/d player to join your guild .. You know i have never had many alliance, for long time i only had =hc=, i dont need alot of allies to pk. I have train alot myself to not beg for alliances or high rank guys. Yeah i have some strong ppl in guild, but they decided to join and im glad cause they are nice guys to me and to the rest of the guild.
  9. GodZ spawn serper

    Come on Paul, grow a pair and set it in kf.
  10. GodZ spawn serper

    Lol, maybe u didnt know, but i die in pk aswell. and Bo$$ has been brown tagged for long time.
  11. GodZ spawn serper

    You got your bag back. Well about serping.. you know the reason cba to explain it.
  12. 50k silver ore auction

  13. pro instances

    Agreed, today we did instance, 2 died and we only got 23k ea. Not even enough to cover rostos/damaged armors.
  14. GODz

    OMG Eedgar!!!!! we miss you soooooo much :< you need to come back