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    EDIT: WAS In vermor owning the gargs NOW: On ip being owned by beavers
  1. The Eternal War

    i wana fight but im away so i cant. ive asked friends who arnt forum members. josra wants to fight but he says hes probally too weak (26/28) att def.
  2. Bored

    probaly in there cold cold graves
  3. I think ranged items would be good but i would be good if they r nothing like other games have got IDEAS: i havent got any bout bows. For arrows your could have a normal arrow but upgrade it if u want. u could make iron recepticles (small dart tips) for the end of the arrow.(no duh) These could be filled with a chemical thats poisionous. so u could mix coal,fe and sulphur together 4 example. these would inflict gret damage as well as poison u.
  4. New Harvesting Thnigs

    Do u like them or hate them?
  5. Aw man this new feature is sooooo crap. change it back.
  6. Rare Items For The Game

    good idea i like it.
  7. Hehe

  8. Alternate Means To Resources

    w00t good idea lady v. but dont get rid of mm perk just have it that when people start macroing the monsters know it and attack the people with twice the power.
  9. Who's The Retard? Kerry? Bush?

    wtf is this about
  10. Why Have I Been Banned

    Me and my bor used to play and we had probs but i think that josra is a good guy and that he deserves to be unbanned (even though he kicks my ass in pk:))
  11. Who Likes Me?

    I like u plat.