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  1. And then we have, because the grass is greener on the other side. or something..
  2. true EDIT: Wow im member #2513? haven't been here in a while i guess.
  3. Corpus Opis *CO*

    last year or whatever when i quit (right after full game wipe #1) CO was main PK guild. i started when CO first started
  4. whoever this is to. stop worying about macroers, or anything else!!! this is for the F****in economy!!!! serps are selling for 5k each!!!! first dayers can buy them in a day....omg its sad u kno, this game went from amazing to crap, just because of the economy, if noone changes it, then who can? there should be something where when ppl trade, it has to be at least like 20k for a serp or something, and every trade with a serp, to be accepted, needs to be traded for at least 20k. :evil:
  5. Seriously messed up economy!!!!!!!!

    just wipe everything, like lvls and everything
  6. Rarity suggestion

    ok heres my idea. a fox spawns. in 10 min, it grows to a "teenager" or kit, n another 10 minutes it is an adult, hunting for rabbit but only taking the meat, another 10 minutes, it dies. this would make a big difference in rarity since each fur stage(baby, Kit, adult) would be of different value. we also need some more predators for animals to make the game more realistic and chalenging.
  7. Price of sigils

    no thats the opposite of what we should do
  8. Rarity suggestion

    is noone going to reply or indulge into this idea
  9. Rarity suggestion

    tell me if this will be put in ent..
  10. Rarity suggestion

    it would be practical...the kit furs need double to make certain stuff. ants are not!! predators, they are annoying. y would it need a client upgrade? meh. i think this game is basically finished we should make it more real now
  11. nickster banned

  12. Perk Idea

    meh :? i think the first perk should be just regular like not a perk. the second one i think it would be good. except....wierd.. :?
  13. Economy troubles

    i think there should not be unlimited resources. the banks should make a certain amount of money each day. that way. inflation would change and money would be a lot rarer. i dont think (no offence) that this game is very wise with economy and money issues. there are a lot of ways to change this. :?
  14. :lol: hahahaha :lol: ive found a solution........bubbles over ppls head like little food when they eat. little rocks when they mine exc....
  15. that was my suggestion n e way......... :lol:

    deer srry but 2 skins and wait 10 min

    it should be like 5 rabbit wait like 1 hour to become leather...cuz it takes a while...
  18. i think maybe there would be an easy way to stop macroeing than the ones u explain here. 1. after a RANDOM number of harvests something happens like please clik here or something(example<-----) 2. for reaserch macroeing, maybe there caN be a moderator at the wsc library. have u seen the place. like 5 ppl r there. but they r afk and coincidently :roll: they were researching :roll: there can maybe also probably (this is very childishly stupid) a signal to the mods or admins if a player has been afk for more than 10 minutes. and you shouldnt warn ppl because of obvious reasons . cant tell u here. 3. BE MORE AGGRESSIVE TO THE MACROERS DONT EVEN WARN, ONLY IN THE ENTERING SCREEN IT SHOULD WARN THAT MACROERS WILL BE BANNED NO NOTICES WILL BE GIVEN OUT. srry bout the caps im not even sure i can say n e more ttyl :lol:
  19. The races

    toy how old r u?
  20. y haven't n e one thought of it!!??? its pretty kewl...i keep wondering to myself.....when im in tab mode....y cant i just click on where i want to go and my player eventually moves there....its pretty realistic..its just like someone looking at a map and moving at the same time if u think of it that way...ent..that sounds pretty kewl doesnt it? also, i dont think it would be that hard to set up..cuz u would just use the coord position to set it up easier.. n e way try it a lot of ppl would like it :idea:
  21. ya thats true...but i also dont kno y we couldnt do one of those minimap things then. im n ot sure i just draw and make models i dont really program.
  22. The perks...

    well.....i think this is a bad idea because its like a bad decision in life and u wouldnt be able to take it back
  23. killerlamb banned