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  1. Sell: Silver/Diamonds/Bones

    I buy 5.000 of your Diamonds
  2. Ent look plx

    Bigkav has a point. Most people would like to be #101st player in an established server, than "start" it and be at the first 20-50 or 100 It is one main reason why most players who tried PK server stopped after a while, (I think.) keeping the number of active players steady So Kharn's idea for a new server will attract more players? Not sure , PK server hit 60 and 80 players online at start , but there was much enthusiasm back then for the new server This doesn't exist now with the experience of 1,5 year of PK server, it's not something new anymore Anyway, I may make some small or bigger breaks but I play (and cotinue to play)main and pk server, a 3rd one seems too much for me but I like trying things
  3. Depletable Resources Poll

    Lol @ "harvesters" versus "fighters" hate in every thread. I voted I don't care I think you (@Radu) should consider more how this will affect new players than what experienced players think, like or are used to. Experienced All arounders-full time harvesters and harving alts will find a way to get the harvestables they need cause they know the places and ways to reach them (or have guildies/friends to help)
  4. Alching shop/service

    Thanks:) will be online later today
  5. Monarchy in the PK

    I wouldn't find better words to say my personal opinion too, about LewisCarol's idea Vote Alkazar for King
  6. I don't think anyone asked for more AFTER sqwurl's thread was closed and the recent update with the increased fluff/chims gc drops If that's the reason for bringing up this glorious "mixers" v "fighters" fight.
  7. Mini Harv Events

    A big change maybe from what we are used to but we can't afk fight or afk mix ,so I don't see why we should afk harv It is annoying to click FP every 6 or 7 HEs mixed too Although I took advantage of afk harving (playing from PC at my office) I believe I can adjust to this
  8. Empty vials & rings & storage!

    I ll take 1, 2.5K ?
  9. 60-80 instance

    well I have some problems with my PC Hopefully I ll manage to be back to normal soon
  10. 60-80 instance

    Me me 12:00-16:00 GMT
  11. Gold membership

    I can not understand economy rules terms etc so I can't comment in that part (1 and 2. of first post and how this will affect economy-goldfarming etc.) Since you feel you need more income from shop, I think this is a nice idea. I voted yes and that I would buy it (left out the different color, cause I don't care, not that I find it bad) I also think that the amount of bonuses given (as first thoughts in 1st post 2% exp or 1/9600 instead of 1/10K) are enough to attract people to actually spend the 5$ and buy membership (each month or frequently) and not big enough to cause much difference and "force" people to buy it in order to compete another idea for bonus I liked was Sqwurl's (I think) about a slghtly bigger chance to get drops from mobs.
  12. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Vitality Removal - Irinveron Diamonds
  13. Auction: Scythe

    Auctioning a Scythe Start Bid: 120K gc Buy Now: 180K gc Auction Ends: Sunday 29 21:00 GMT (~34hours left) Only gc and +5K for every bid Post Here or PM Spyridonas ingame ---- S O L D ------
  14. Auction: Scythe

    They were 240K few weeks ago Ofcourse more and more coming from instances drops , so the price drops down , logic I only am interested in them when I get them from instances I don't know if you re really interested in buying one or just trying to tease me , or "force" a price you consider right or let me know the market prices-rules etc. Since it's a teamwork drop , I ll try to get the best price I can to share with teammates If none interested , I ll just keep it for myself and pay the teammates a reasonable price (maybe too expensive for you atm) It was my last instance anyway So If you re not willing to pay 120K+ for a Scythe you wont get it from me (I know one week ago I was asking 170K min, but that's it with my adjustment to market rules) If you are , you have about 9 hours to post here or PM me
  15. Auction: Scythe

    hey... you fighters should encourage selling of fighting drops higher I don't mind much I can afk harv 120K is a price I can get from bots so start with that please
  16. Auction: Scythe

    Auctioning a Scythe as title says Start Bid: 170K gc Buy it now with 230K gc It will end at Friday 27th about 19:00 GMT only gc please and +2K gc minimum at your bids PM me ingame, or post here Thanks
  17. Auction: Scythe

    A bot also buys for more than your "bid" anyway thanks for bumping my post
  18. My Thoughts on the Recent Price hikes

    You need double time to fill your inv with 2-EMU sulfur than with 4-EMU Iron Ore 800 EMU free without pickaxes cape HEs etc 2 seconds/harv(x2 with exc) for both Sulfur Iron 200 seconds to full with 200 Iron (+120 seconds for Sto-Mine -Back to sto and trade with NPC) 400 seconds to full with 400 Sulfur (+120 seconds ) All those ofcourse are "ideal" and numbers on a paper With events a litle difficulty getting in out of cave cellar etc you may lose a few seconds at every load So without afking-chatting- reading forums etc average time is 6 minutes per 1 Iron load (+storage run) ===>2000/hour 9:30 minutes per 1 sulfur load (+storage run ) ===>2500/hour If you manage ofcourse to be 1 hour on the screen waiting to click ore right after event and tart walking right after inv full:P
  19. Bot marketplaces

    Personally I have no problem with the bots close to NC storage and actually sometimes it was useful for me standing in NC DP or PL and pming all the bots surrounding me to find what I needed at that moment The idea of marketplaces is good though but I also use a few bots that are in some "random" places (caves for example) and I wouldn't like to "lose" them. This concerns me more from making the NC area for example more "good looking" Anyway seems I can't vote Yes or No and I feel I don't have the right , as I am not a bot owner.
  20. Removing TS effect

    voted yes/yes ... though I just started to make TS pots for gc profit (I guess the demand will be decreased and the walks to AA NPC are loong)
  21. I am quitting EL

    Sad to see you go Handy
  22. New Adventures!

    Alkazar can kill armed goblins but he doesn't like pictures
  23. Trik Vs. School

    Well Cruella I like numbers too In your interesting post you say that you pay 12K gc more for 100K manu xp in school instead of Trik With my calculations the time saved for this 100K exp in school is about 1:30 hr I don't know any way to make 8K gc/hr or even "much more" (Iron at 3.5gc and 800 emu ===> close to 6K/hour in theory) I understand that this 1,5 hour saved can be used to change subject do something fun or just relax etc instead of repeating the same thing but if you plan for a second,third "100K manu xp session" will need more time to get gc needed for them , slowing down your leveling
  24. 80 - 100 instance available for testing.

    I think NPC was saying "waiting time" was 0 hours anyway maybe the channel was not your active one
  25. 80 - 100 instance available for testing.

    There wasn't any Yeti when we tried earlier (team with BloodSucker and SenZon that posted earlier) there was a change? or there are differnet creatures coming randomly in every different instance? Anyway it seemed relatively easy for the team of 9 (7 at end) players The hard part was to get ready for it (was 1st time for all I suppose) We had difficulties when we did "tactical" mistakes like not being all together or for me not clicking SR and diss ring ontime Also it seemed "easy" for me as there were players wth lower a/d taking all the hits from the monsters As for drops I got 3 bags and 220gc others got few Ks gc and sr-hes we didn't sum the drops to see what we got It was fun