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  1. Sell: Silver/Diamonds/Bones

    I buy 5.000 of your Diamonds
  2. Ent look plx

    Bigkav has a point. Most people would like to be #101st player in an established server, than "start" it and be at the first 20-50 or 100 It is one main reason why most players who tried PK server stopped after a while, (I think.) keeping the number of active players steady So Kharn's idea for a new server will attract more players? Not sure , PK server hit 60 and 80 players online at start , but there was much enthusiasm back then for the new server This doesn't exist now with the experience of 1,5 year of PK server, it's not something new anymore Anyway, I may make some small or bigger breaks but I play (and cotinue to play)main and pk server, a 3rd one seems too much for me but I like trying things
  3. Depletable Resources Poll

    Lol @ "harvesters" versus "fighters" hate in every thread. I voted I don't care I think you (@Radu) should consider more how this will affect new players than what experienced players think, like or are used to. Experienced All arounders-full time harvesters and harving alts will find a way to get the harvestables they need cause they know the places and ways to reach them (or have guildies/friends to help)
  4. Alching shop/service

    Thanks:) will be online later today
  5. Monarchy in the PK

    I wouldn't find better words to say my personal opinion too, about LewisCarol's idea Vote Alkazar for King
  6. I don't think anyone asked for more AFTER sqwurl's thread was closed and the recent update with the increased fluff/chims gc drops If that's the reason for bringing up this glorious "mixers" v "fighters" fight.
  7. Mini Harv Events

    A big change maybe from what we are used to but we can't afk fight or afk mix ,so I don't see why we should afk harv It is annoying to click FP every 6 or 7 HEs mixed too Although I took advantage of afk harving (playing from PC at my office) I believe I can adjust to this
  8. Empty vials & rings & storage!

    I ll take 1, 2.5K ?
  9. 60-80 instance

    well I have some problems with my PC Hopefully I ll manage to be back to normal soon
  10. 60-80 instance

    Me me 12:00-16:00 GMT
  11. Gold membership

    I can not understand economy rules terms etc so I can't comment in that part (1 and 2. of first post and how this will affect economy-goldfarming etc.) Since you feel you need more income from shop, I think this is a nice idea. I voted yes and that I would buy it (left out the different color, cause I don't care, not that I find it bad) I also think that the amount of bonuses given (as first thoughts in 1st post 2% exp or 1/9600 instead of 1/10K) are enough to attract people to actually spend the 5$ and buy membership (each month or frequently) and not big enough to cause much difference and "force" people to buy it in order to compete another idea for bonus I liked was Sqwurl's (I think) about a slghtly bigger chance to get drops from mobs.
  12. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Vitality Removal - Irinveron Diamonds
  13. Auction: Scythe

    They were 240K few weeks ago Ofcourse more and more coming from instances drops , so the price drops down , logic I only am interested in them when I get them from instances I don't know if you re really interested in buying one or just trying to tease me , or "force" a price you consider right or let me know the market prices-rules etc. Since it's a teamwork drop , I ll try to get the best price I can to share with teammates If none interested , I ll just keep it for myself and pay the teammates a reasonable price (maybe too expensive for you atm) It was my last instance anyway So If you re not willing to pay 120K+ for a Scythe you wont get it from me (I know one week ago I was asking 170K min, but that's it with my adjustment to market rules) If you are , you have about 9 hours to post here or PM me
  14. Auction: Scythe

    hey... you fighters should encourage selling of fighting drops higher I don't mind much I can afk harv 120K is a price I can get from bots so start with that please
  15. Auction: Scythe

    Auctioning a Scythe Start Bid: 120K gc Buy Now: 180K gc Auction Ends: Sunday 29 21:00 GMT (~34hours left) Only gc and +5K for every bid Post Here or PM Spyridonas ingame ---- S O L D ------