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  1. Selling some stuff

    enrich stone 7,2k? serp stone 5k? -sanka-
  2. auction book of magic sword

    in game bid 15k.
  3. auction book of magic sword

    start with 10k... BIN=50k i will close auction on Friday... if i don't like the final offer i will not sell it... bla bla -sanka-
  4. some stuff

    i'll take FEs -sanka-
  5. selling few emeralds

    100k emeralds for 3gc each edit: 5k SRS 14gc each 100k+ tit ore 2,3gc each -sanka-
  6. Storage!

    i'll take fox furs , white rabbits and beavers -sanka-
  7. 100 hydrogenium bars

    540k -sanka-
  8. Storage Wipeout

    2,2k each for EWE? -sanka-
  9. auction artifical removal

    sold ingame for 360k borred of this... and 2 nice player
  10. auction artifical removal

    nope i didn't change my 2nd post.. and it say arround 2 days.. but u can bid b4 he came online... but will wait for him then for fair play if he wanna have it then...
  11. auction artifical removal

    ok u can clame it machevort if noone outbid u b4 u see me online...
  12. auction artifical removal

    auction will be on for arround 2 more days and i changed BIN...
  13. auction artifical removal

    as topic says... and let's stat at 350k .... BIN 420k go for it -sanka-
  14. Server Dis-connect?

    yup it's down allright..
  15. selling

    antisocial removal <--- SOLD 10k emeralds 30k -sanka-