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  1. 12 step addiction to EL program

    LMBO & Amen!!!
  2. new server

    Turning off the comps and resetting the router worked for me, thanks for suggestion
  3. Game Crashes ?

    Thank You Radu
  4. Global Quest FAQ

    We finished the oranges last night. _Death_ and Stivy both donated 2 each...... Global is now functional \o/ ! Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2013-07-09 22:45:34 localtime (Eastern Daylight Time) [22:45:35] GIWS: The Global Invasion Warning System project is functional, and it's efficiency rating has been upgraded to rank 1 (the higher the better, max is 3) [22:45:35] GIWS: The monthly maintenance fee has been renewed from the previous maintenance fund.
  5. ELG Guild Shop

    Lanfear83's 3K toadstools have been delivered
  6. ELG Guild Shop

    [08:53:59] [PM from Gossip: mrfancypants asked me to give you a message:] [08:54:00] [PM from Gossip: mrfancypants said: just read forums... i dont want the silver anymore ]
  7. ELG Guild Shop

    Dragon, I have taken over the existing orders up to MrFancyPants. I have gossip pm'd all that I will fill their orders. I have filled Demads order for 3K coal and Lokey's order for 3K silver Aislar's order for 3K coal and 3K silver has been delivered.
  8. ELG Guild Shop

    Riky's order for 3K FE's and 3K silver has been delivered.
  9. ELG Guild Shop

    Dragon, I have taken over the existing orders up to MrFancyPants. I have gossip pm'd all that I will fill their orders. I have filled Demads order for 3K coal and Lokey's order for 3K silver
  10. ELG Guild Shop

    Dragon Korns order was filled and delivered so you can add those to stock
  11. ELG Alch Shop ~Welcome~

    THIS SHOP HAS CLOSED . NEW SHOP WILL BE RUN BY WONDERFUL: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46431 Closed during some special days such as Scholar, Joule, and double a/d days. (We have characters to develop, too!) Also closed on No Food day, for obvious reasons. Got harvest needs? Visit our ELG Harvest shop: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46296 Essences (Max order 2k of any individual essence, 5k total all essences. 48 hours minimum after delivery of one order before another will be accepted. See the not-so-fine print below for larger orders.) Air Essence 8gc Death Essence 10gc (1k max order for now. No larger orders.) Earth Essence 7gc Energy Essence 7.75gc Fire Essence 3.5gc Health Essence 7gc Life Essence 4.8gc Magic Essence 7.5gc Matter Essence 10gc Spirit Essence 10gc (1k max order for now. No larger orders.) Water Essence 6.5gc Sorry, no bar orders at this time due to limited staff. Hopefully have them back soon!) The not-so-fine Print * We deliver to you! We'll meet you at the storage nearest you for the transaction, on either continent, as soon as possible when your order is ready. (No deliveries to areas that are under invasion. C2 deliveries only to limited storages at night. We do not deliver to any PK map or guild map. Min order 1k essies. * 24 hours for order completion This is our basic alloted time frame. However, thus far we have never needed that much time for an order that's within our maximum limits. (This time frame not applicable to orders above the maximum limits shown above, if we have an agreement in advance for a longer time, or "acts of server" such as the server going down for an extended period.) * Order held maximum one week after completed We will PM as soon as it is ready, gossip message if you're offline, and continue attempting to contact you until your order is delivered. However, should 7 days pass without any ability to get in touch with you or response from you, the order will be cancelled, and the items used for other orders. * Prices are non-negotiable. Gold coins only. By ordering, you agree to the price as shown. Price shown at time of order is binding. If we lower the price of an item while your order is still undelivered, the lowest price will be used. Ensure you actually have the amount needed to pay before ordering. Attempts to negotiate a lower price on delivery are not permitted. Trade items will not be accepted. * If it's not listed, we don't have it. Pretty simple. If we can at all possibly provide an item, it will be listed above. Whenever we're able to provide an item, we'll add it to the above list immediately. The answer to requests for any item not listed will be a "no", in other words. * Large/Recurring orders are not guaranteed to be accepted. These are taken case-by-case and only after discussion amongst the alch team. We will under no circumstances take open "make as many as you can" orders, never-ending recurring orders, or anything else which would interfere with the orders of other players or our ability to have time to develop our own characters. * Known outlaws/bagjumpers/scammers/etc. are not welcome. ELG does not tolerate those who intentionally ruin the EL experience for others, and will not accept orders from such users. Your guild does not matter. We treat all users the same, and give all users the same prices, regardless of what guild you are in. Banned from ordering: Orders Being Worked On: Orders Completed, Awaiting Delivery: Orders Completed and Delivered: Caecus 2K life essence Senzon 1k Energy ess, 1k Health Ess
  12. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    2K energy esses complete and delivered Sanddragon 2K Life esses complete and delivered Sanddragon
  13. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Siarato's order of Sept. 9th complete and delivered
  14. Property Stolen from Storage

    Someone has hacked into my acct. and stolen items of great value in the last 12 - 15 hours. Is there anyone who can check logs and find the IP addy this was done on, or WHO my items were given to? All my gc, enriched esses, stones, armor, weapons, capes, etc. GONE.[13:25:20] [PM from Minddragon: so i guess no luck on finding out who got all your stuff?] [13:26:13] [PM to Minddragon: Dad was hit too, so take a guess] [13:26:37] [PM to Minddragon: there is only 1(ONE) person who knows both of our passwords] [13:27:17] [PM from Minddragon: chris?] [13:27:30] [PM to Minddragon: that would be the one] [13:27:39] Your Gemstone hammer & chisel broke, sorry! [13:28:32] [PM from Minddragon: well whats odd is he had a character XXmadmanXX and today made a new one and when i asked what was up with the other he said it was permanently ban] [13:28:53] [PM from Minddragon: and when i asked what he did he said he didnt want to talk about it] [13:29:22] [PM from Minddragon: how would he have done it with only 1 computer?] [13:29:24] [PM to Minddragon: yep Learner locked the char. with what was left of our stuff] [13:30:02] [PM from Minddragon: so he did take both of ya'lls stuff can you get it back?] [13:30:32] [PM to Minddragon: you open the game twice, or you have someone on another comp. open a 2nd char. for you] [13:30:53] [PM to Minddragon: I don't know, Learner is still working on that] [13:31:18] No player is in the game with the name of gossip [13:31:23] [PM from Minddragon: oh didnt realize you could open it twice...thats insane i cant believe he did that] [13:31:34] [PM from Minddragon: well he should ban his ip address] [13:31:55] [PM from Minddragon: chris said they dont do that on your 1st offense] [13:32:46] [PM to Minddragon: well I am livid, I cannot believe he would do that to us!!!!!!!!] [13:32:48] #GM from TheRealMage: where is nahark i need to buy fighting books their [13:33:16] [PM from Minddragon: im mad as hell too that is just wrong] [13:33:49] #GM from Little_G: you can get there through morcraven marsh [13:34:32] [PM from Minddragon: his new character that he made today is war_pig just so you know...i killed hellsing_x today] [13:34:58] #GM from TheRealMage: is it DANGEROUS?? [13:35:04] [PM to Minddragon: why did you do that?] [13:35:08] #GM from Minddragon: yes [13:35:23] [PM to Gossip: about war_pig] [13:35:26] #GM from TheRealMage: Haaaaaa damn [13:35:39] [PM from Gossip: war_pig was last logged on about 2 hours ago. ] [13:35:40] [PM from Gossip: I last saw war_pig about 2 hours ago, walking around. ] [13:35:40] [PM from Gossip: war_pig is a male human. ] [13:35:40] [PM from Gossip: war_pig isn't in a guild. I hope they're not lonely. ] [13:35:40] [PM from Gossip: You know, war_pig paid me well to keep my mouth shut on the stats! ] [13:35:44] #GM from Little_G: skelies and gobs in mm and gobs in naralik, i can get your books for you if you want? [13:35:59] #GM from Little_G: then you can give me the gc for them [13:36:07] [PM to Gossip: about hellsing_x] [13:36:11] [PM from Gossip: hellsing_x was last logged on about 2 hours ago. ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: I last saw hellsing_x about 21 hours ago, walking around. ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: hellsing_x is a male dwarf. ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: hellsing_x was in the TRUE guild as of 21 hours ago. ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: Here are hellsing_x's skills/ranks as of now: ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: att:?/? def:?/? mag:?/? sum:?/? ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: har:?/? alc:?/? pot:?/? ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: cra:?/? man:?/? eng:?/? tai:?/? ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: phy:? coo:? rea:? wil:? ins:? vit:? mat:? eth:? emu:? ] [13:36:12] [PM from Gossip: oa:?/? combat level:? ] [13:36:21] [PM from Minddragon: cause he had me give all that stuff to him and danielle was using hellsing_x and learner said something to her and i dont want her back on it] [13:36:44] #GM from TheRealMage: but the book seller is in Grubani Peninsula [13:37:07] #GM from Minddragon: well there is phantom warriors in grubani [13:37:11] #GM from Little_G: thats very dangerous, but okay i can wear my mm cape [13:37:31] [PM to Gossip: about xxmadmanxx] [13:37:36] [PM from Gossip: xxmadmanxx was last logged on about 1 days ago. ] [13:37:36] [PM from Gossip: I last saw xxmadmanxx about 1 days ago, walking around. ] [13:37:36] [PM from Gossip: xxmadmanxx is a male elf. ] [13:37:36] [PM from Gossip: xxmadmanxx was in the HOLY guild as of 1 days ago. ] [13:37:36] [PM from Gossip: You know, xxmadmanxx paid me well to keep my mouth shut on the stats! ] [13:37:36] [PM from Gossip: xxmadmanxx has been locked! Musta done something nasty. ] [13:37:38] #GM from Little_G: im more scared of the chim lol [13:37:44] #GM from Minddragon: i can go if you like lil g i was waiting for him in nc so can come right down [13:37:58] #GM from Minddragon: im omw [13:38:16] #GM from Minddragon: meet me in ws sto [13:38:20] [PM to Minddragon: was danielle on at 11:35 last night?] [13:38:21] #GM from Little_G: i dont really mind, whatever you want. [13:38:31] #GM from Minddragon: no she was in bed [13:38:42] #GM from Minddragon: sorry pm as gm [13:38:55] #GM from TheRealMage: hmmmm oke the book?? [13:39:04] [PM from Minddragon: no we lost electric about 10pm and all went to bed] [13:39:25] [PM to Minddragon: well someone logged in as her, & I thought it was him] [13:39:34] [PM to Minddragon: Chris] [13:39:49] #GM from Minddragon: well maybe she got back on when the electric came back on [13:40:58] [PM from Minddragon: i dont know if he has her info on danielf but then we lost electric again after the first time so maybe she was on] [13:41:44] #GM from Minddragon: so lil g you getting them for him? [13:42:29] #GM from Little_G: sure, what ones do you need Mage? [13:43:04] #GM from TheRealMage: it's oke i see i got them in stor but thanx anyway:) [13:43:09] You successfully created 1 Fire Essence [13:43:09] You stopped working. [13:43:13] #GM from Little_G: okmis [13:43:35] #GM from Little_G: *okies... sorry, im not really feeling that great still.... [13:43:53] #GM from Minddragon: are you really tired lil g? [13:44:32] #GM from Little_G: no, just abit dizzy and gotta bit of a head ache [13:44:46] #GM from Little_G: i'll be gine, dont worry [13:44:51] #GM from Little_G: *fine [13:45:11] #GM from Minddragon: well you should rest lil g [13:46:01] This is your 4 minute warning for the coming hour. [13:46:31] #GM from Little_G: i'll be okay, dont worry about me [13:47:04] [PM to Minddragon: was Danielle on your machine as hellsing_X?] [13:47:14] #GM from Little_G: if i have a problem my dad's just a pm away anyway lol [13:47:27] [PM from Minddragon: yes thats why i wanted to kill it] [13:47:59] [PM to Minddragon: well that's the other IP address Learner was talking about, Chris has dragged your IP into this mess] [13:48:18] [PM to Minddragon: you are liable to get banned as well] [13:48:30] [PM from Minddragon: yep i know this sucks] [13:48:44] [PM from Minddragon: he has caused a big mess] [13:49:19] [PM from Minddragon: but thats why i didnt want danielle using his account and when i got the chance today i killed hellsing_x] Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2008-07-01 13:50:03 localtime (Eastern Daylight Time) [13:50:27] [PM from Minddragon: well i guess if learner would like to speak with me i have no problem with that] [13:50:54] [PM from Minddragon: and if i get banned i guess i will have to deal with it] [13:53:23] You started to harvest Sulfur. [13:53:37] [PM from Minddragon: did you make a list of everything you are missing from your account?] [13:54:17] #GM from Minddragon: ok therealmage do you want these skunk and raccoon furs? [13:55:05] #GM from TheRealMage: oh yes plz where are you i'm harvesting in that secret place at ip [13:55:24] #GM from TheRealMage: where are you?? [13:55:46] #GM from Minddragon: im in naralik but will come to you where are you? [13:57:09] #GM from TheRealMage: i'm in IP where you begin the game?? i'm in the tavern [13:57:19] #GM from Minddragon: ok brt [13:57:29] Your harvesting experience limit for this hour expired, you won't get any more harvesting EXP until the next hour. [13:58:25] Going AFK [13:59:17] Too heavy, you are overloaded. [13:59:17] You stopped harvesting. [14:00:39] Not AFK any more [14:02:12] #GM from TheRealMage: you should win like the best guild member award [14:02:26] #GM from Minddragon: lol ty [14:02:44] [PM to Minddragon: as best I could, but I don't remember the exact amt. of gc, or of some of the stones and enriched esses I had] [14:03:21] [PM from Minddragon: so learner can tell what he has in sto on tht character?] [14:04:12] [PM to Minddragon: he got away with grand theft tho, close to 1,000,000K] [14:06:20] [PM to Minddragon: I will never forgive him for this so I hope he has a real good laugh that I/We trusted him, it won't happen ever again] [14:06:40] [PM to Minddragon: this was as low as you can go] [14:06:44] [PM from Minddragon: yes but what if he does it again?] [14:06:54] #GM from TheRealMage: is it true if you fight with out armor you will get more exp?? [14:07:12] #GM from Sanddragon: yes, but you will also die sooner, lol [14:07:18] [PM from Minddragon: yes and very stupid on his part...did he think he could actually get away with it?] [14:08:00] [PM to Minddragon: he doesn't care, his main purpose in life is to cause grief] [14:09:16] [PM from Minddragon: well i sure hope learner gives your stuff back to you and dad] [14:10:00] [PM to Minddragon: Dad's done, he said this is the final straw for him] [14:10:40] [PM from Minddragon: well i think im going to lay down, when danny gets home we are going to barbaras and im so sleepy today and dont know why] [14:10:51] [PM from Minddragon: cant seem to keep my eyes open] [14:11:04] [PM to Minddragon: ok] [14:11:46] [PM from Minddragon: i love you and im sorry that this happened but learner really needs to ban the ip address even if that means i lose mine for awhile] [14:11:59] You started to harvest Sulfur. [14:12:09] [PM from Minddragon: just have learner watch that new character he made war_pig] [14:12:22] [PM to Minddragon: ok] [14:12:35] MystDragon: hi thyralax [14:12:40] free_bird: hi thyralax [14:12:43] Thyralax: ji [14:13:58] You stopped harvesting. [14:14:01] You started to harvest Sulfur. [14:15:49] free_bird just hit a teleport nexus, and departed us. [14:17:59] Too heavy, you are overloaded. [14:17:59] You stopped harvesting. [14:18:09] #GM from Minddragon: ok everyone i'll bbl....lil g take care and i hope you feel better soon [14:18:23] #GM from Little_G: Thanks Mindy, bye bye [14:19:01] Going AFK [14:19:31] Minddragon has logged off.
  15. ELG Alchemy Shop