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  1. For the fans of LOTR

    I once met a retarded kid who was born with only half a brain. And he was dead at the time. He was more intelligent and witty than you. And what the smeg is a "Gallums"? Do you mean "Gollum" you smeging moron? Napoleon says: Gosh!
  2. Do you want elrocks.com?

    And that's all folks! The zip got downloaded 63 times, so if you didn't get it there's plenty of people here who did. Thanks again for a good game, Entropy. Roja, you're all class. Play nice, kids.
  3. Do you want elrocks.com?

    I think I've said this a few dozen times: I mod'ed the client to allow for a 90 degree angle and super zoom out. That and a good video card/cpu so your frame rate doesn't drop to 0 is all you need. Or all I needed. And Photoshop to match pieces together. Good luck.
  4. elrocks

    It's hosted really cheap and the service isn't that great. Plus, I think I'm about 9gig over my bandwidth.. hope they lost my credit card #... Anyhow, it's all going blank in a day or so.. check gen chat and get your own copy before it's gone.
  5. Market website

    I'm thinking of starting a new page that takes bets on how long belton's new buy/sell market page will be around. I'll start the betting with $1,000,000 on "less than 1 week".
  6. Fred Penner

    I did quit, but I still wear my EL t-shirt. And I'm giving away my site. Check the new thread in gen chat. And if you want the elrocks.com domain name, wait for it to expire (it was a 1 year lease) and then it's all yours. I won't be renewing it.
  7. Do you want elrocks.com?

    I really enjoyed playing EL and I liked making a fan site for it. But, I've moved on to other games and pastimes now and I just don't have the time (or interest really) for EL. My kids still play it and I've seen some of the cool stuff that's been added recently, which almost makes me want to come back. I'll probably check in on the game from time to time and browse the forums occasionally, so keep my account around if can Entropy. Anyhow, the point of the post is this: As most people have noticed, I stopped maintaining elrocks.com a while ago. Platyna asked me if I'd give her the files from the site and she would take over on another site. Rather than give it to one person, I'll give it anyone who wants it (for a limited time). For the next day or so only, you can download the entire site from here: (www.elrocks.com/elrocks.com.zip 6246kb). I'm going to remove the file in a day, so get it now if you want it. Like I said, I might come back someday and I might maintain the site again some day. Until then, see ya.
  8. Print Your Map?

    I was doing that at first (in game). Then I modded the map editor so I could zoom way out and take the entire map in 2-3 shots. The frame rate kills a slow computer, but my good comp gets ~300fps at close range and still ~15 zoomed out. Just Photoshop the pics into one and you're done. Not too hard really. Send me your map (fred_penner@elrocks.com) and I'll make a pic of it for you.
  9. Tit Axe For Sale

    80k PM me if I win.
  10. 12 Reasons Why Gay Marriges Should Be Banned

    I'm glad I'm Canadian. We're not paralysed with fear of terrorists and homosexuals. Finish this sentence: "Two homosexual people get married to one another and the here's how it hurt someone else: " And don't try giving me crap about "the kids". Hetero couples have been fucking up their kids forever and there's no proof homosexuals could do any worse.
  11. I thought of this while reading this thread and this quote from Learner, regarding monster drops changing: Why not have monsters drop a "note" or some information informing the user of a way to redeem their prize for killing the monster? For example, you kill a Troll and a scrap of a map falls out of its beard and the map shows the location of some treasure. You go there and you can get the treasure. It's like a quest. And I feels like it makes more sense than having a book or an axe fall off the dead body. Messages like this could simply appear as text on the screen after the monster is dead, just like when you get a bonus for harvesting. From a server programming point of view, you could create a stack to put these prizes in memory and limit it to 5 or so. That way, once the stack is full the user needs to start claiming them or they can't get anymore. Or make them like a bag, which dissapears after a while.
  12. Put The Ant Program To Good Use

    This would be good once the karma system is in place. Killing elves (or humans) living in the force would make you evil.
  13. Inflation And Economy

    How long did it take you to find 50 rare books? If it took you more than 10 minutes, we shouldn't worry. Even if you sold them all for 1-2k and got your 50-100k, the economy would never* get as bad as it was on the old server. The problem previously was how fast people could amass wealth. *By never, I mean it will take much longer for this economy to become flooded with gold.
  14. Buying Lot Of Ele

    You're probably right, but considering the large number of functionally illiterate people and those for whom English is not their first language that post on the forums, I figured it was a spelling mistake or a phonetic spelling.