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  1. Ways to run again

    Why, if I may ask? Too much load on the server? And I don't think people would run all the time: I'm closer to full load than half load most of the time, both when training and mixing; from what I could see, same for pkers. Actually the only scenarios where I'd be using running regularly (assuming the half load rule) is when 1) going from store to mine empty loaded 2) running away from danger in invasions or similar events. Rehdon
  2. Voted yes. Taking what doesn't belong to you is stealing, pure and simple, and if stealing is not against community rules, what is? Does it even mean something speaking of "community rules" when the common refrain here has been "I'll do what's right for me, stupid noob lost stuff not worth returning" etc.? There's no community when everyone acts like as an anarco-individualist. Note that the reason why someone leaved a db on the ground has little relation to what you're doing: yes, the stupid noob made a fatal tactical mistake, and you're stealing his db; yes, the absent-minded player died by poison, and you stealed his db, etc. You're just trying to justify your stealing repeating to you "oh, you know the risk, you should have carried a rosto". At least many people tried to be smart voting "no", but said they wouldn't do that (which makes their vote choice quite puzzling imho). The only exception I see is pking, when you fight someone else in a drop-area with the explicit purpose of defeating your adversary and looting his gear: common rules for both, spoils go to the winner. In (almost) all other cases returning the db is the honorable and decent thing to do. Rehdon
  3. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    Possibly, but that would be a nightmare to implement and to handle ... Rehdon
  4. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    All good points Cruella, but couldn't IP be that map? the only problem with that is UW and #beam me arrival, but it would be enough to disallow harvesting and store use to characters higher than xx OA. Plus I wouldn't over-emphasize newbies frustration because of veterans' high level: when I started playing I realized that there would be a loooong time before I could reach some levels, but it gave me motivation to continue instead of deterring me. Plus, if you suggest to create new skills to level the playing field, you'd have to do that periodically, after the current newbies are veterans themselves! Rehdon
  5. User menu patch

    Very nice idea. Menus are easier for less computer experienced people when compared to text aliases; it would be nice to have a simple example menu in the client download, so that one can see how it works and modify as intended. Rehdon
  6. Adopt a newbie program started

    Where are we at with this initiative? is there an NPC as suggested earlier in the thread (or perhaps it could be the Tutorial NPC to suggest this to new players) or do we have to contact newbies on IP directly? Rehdon
  7. Depletable Resources Poll

    Do you realize that what you actually mean is that any feature could be implemented if there are enough people willing to pay for it disregarding the player majority's opinion? The poll has been done for a purpose, which was getting feedback from the players about this specific issue, now that the feedback is there you just say "forget about it"? Thank you so much, but no, thank you. I hope Ent will listen to players. Rehdon
  8. Depletable Resources Poll

    Which is a problem that already persists since I am playing the game. The player structure is very centered on veterans; those that make it over the first couple of weeks/months are likely to stick here for years. In the past 2 years or so, the newbie inflow has been just about strong enough to counter the veterans who departed. I'm just wondering how the depletable resources feature is going to make this game more attractive for newbies? That's a very good question. I could probably adjust to depletable resources, but it surely is one more hurdle to overcome for a newbie. Besides, most of the manufacturing items are so complex that the current game structure suits well for both newbies and veterans: if you are a newbie you can collect low level items (harvestables and animal bones/meat) to sell to more experienced players, you make experience + earn some money + learn about how the game works, until you'll be able to start making some of those items. This is why IMHO the basic level, i.e. harvesting, should be as easy and as unencumbered as possible (not only because I used to do afk harvesting, you see ), unfortunately depletable resources would disrupt this model. Mini events already have had a negative impact on veteran mixers, depletable resource would (probably: ofc I can't be 100% sure about this, it also depends on implementation) shift the burden on new players. Since the main motivation of these two changes to harvesting is that of making gold farming difficult or near to impossible, I hope different means to achieve this end will be taken under consideration ... Rehdon
  9. Depletable Resources Poll

    I still don't get why people like you think, that the implementation would be sooo stupid, that you had to hop from map to map after every load or even more often ? Hasn't it been repeated a number of times that one of the goals is that of encouraging exploration and use of all maps? Rehdon
  10. Depletable Resources Poll

    Bluap, in theory I agree with you: requiring more thought and planning is a way to make the game more interesting. In practice, this doesn't work all of the time, one of the reasons being that tastes are different, what's interesting planning for you surely results in needless frustration for another player. In this specific case, I'm afraid that having to hop from map to map to find harvestables could prove even more tedious than harvest mini events, so I voted no. I had to give up to afk harvesting because of mini events: that's a shame, because I work a lot with my computer, used to collect things then take advantage of a pause (or a longer stretch of free time) to mix and/or sell what I harvested. Ent made it clear that he doesn't really care for players like me: fine, it's his game, he can do as he likes. At the moment I'm mixing much less than before and using what I have in store, then I'll see. It is true that at times there are more bots than players, so even discounting the alts pulled from afk harvesting I guess there are real people who quit. I don't think depleting resources is a better solution, the problem which needs to be fixed is gold farming, but if the fix makes the game less fun for all and pushes people to quit it's clearly the wrong way to go. Rehdon
  11. Gatherer Medallion

    totally offtopic but yes, i would gladly pay my share for that. Count me in Rehdon
  12. More realistic temperatures

    The idea is not bad per se, but I'm afraid it falls under the "unnecessary realism" area, i.e. realistic details that don't improve significantly the game experience. Besides, the tailoring skill was born as a very expensive and somewhat unrealistic (1 loom per fabric???) one, so requiring tailoring items for a realistic purpose doesn't seem logical to me. Rehdon
  13. Gatherer Medallion

    This is why I suggested to use the carrying capacity as the basic limit for running: you can either move at double speed and carry half the normal load, or move at normal speed and carry the full load = perfect balance if compared with the current situation. A relatively expensive potion like the speed hax potion was a reasonable means to go beyond the physical limit of half-load running, but I see that you removed it with the last server update, so I wonder what will happen to running Rehdon
  14. Gatherer Medallion

    Though I fully understand and respect you'r reason for this, I'm afraid I don't believe making people pay for an expected feature is going to help much there. For instance, if you had asked for 500k gc before implementing horses or speedHAX, I'm sure the money would have been payed. I would have donated to the cause, but I have not bought a single horse whistle or used any speedHax potion. I don't have IEDP perk, so I'd stop running in no time (and toadstools are to heavy and dangerouse for me to eat in mass away from storage), and the horses have no real value to my way of playing EL. Exactly, I agree 100%: it's not that people don't want the features you implemented, it's that they work in such a way that few players find them appealing and/or really useful. IMHO the problem is that the focus has been more on solving accessory problems (creating money sinks, making new objects, reducing amount of some ingredients in game etc.) than on the features itself, so that the features are there but very few players are using them. Here are my suggestions: Running Running should be a basic feature of the game, one that should be boasted on the feature list page, available to new players and advanced players as well. How it could work: start/stop running through a button in the toolbar or shortcut key you can't run if you're carrying more than half of your carrying capacity while running your food consumption doubles (or triples) the speed hax potion would allow you to run irrespective of your carrying capacity to keep balance, some aggressive (and non aggressive) creatures should be able to run too Horses Another very nice feature that should be more widespread: make use of stables: you get a horse at a stable, you pay a fee which could be a daily, weekly etc. depending for how long you're going to keep the horse horses don't disappear when you dismount, but you can't enter storage areas or buildings, so you'd have to turn the horse back to a stable before doing that horses move at normal or running speed if you keep the horse for more than 1-2 hour you have to feed it with animal food it should be possible to fight while on horses (cavalry charge ftw! Seeing how many features are introduced and slowly refined with time I'm confident that these two will be improved (hopefully according to my suggestions) to become much more widely used. Rehdon
  15. the game mechanics ? this is where we disagree because does the game mechanically make someone walk to the wraith and take HOS perk ? no it doesnt "The game mechanics" means "no self-sustainability through training drops", was right there for you to read. Of course feel free to build a straw man argument depicting the extreme case of people taking any imaginable negative perk, I'm not going to follow through though. Enough already. Rehdon
  16. Oh really? And pray tell, where did I exactly state that? I am an all-rounder, did you get to that part? I fight and I mix to sell stuff to fighters. I read lots of books, have leveled in crafting, manu and potion, and have an awful quantity of PPs in nexuses. But I'll try to answer your questions anyway. You see, you're kind of mixing apple and oranges here, because A) the mixers' problems (= prices below the cost of ingredients) are due the the game economy, while B ) the fighters' problems (= no self-sustainability through training drops) are due to the game mechanics. This means that B could be solved quite simply by increasing the monster drops (which has already been done in part wrt to higher level monsters), while A is much harder to solve in a free market economy: as long as there will be sellers that undercut the "fair" price, people will buy from them, and I can't really fault them; note that I would very much like see a reasonable profitability in manufacturing, would be good reason to develop it some more. So far manuers' strikes and tentative cartels have proved to be ineffective, perhaps the only way would be to have a little less free economy with NPCs buying at a minimum price; that also would be tricky to handle, because the price should be adjusted from time to time to keep with basic ingredients variation in price. This stuff is pretty complex (for a game) and laying blame to "whining pkers" really seems short-sighted to me, to say the least. Besides, I fail seeing how having fighters getting what they want (= more gcs in monster drops) would be bad for mixers: wouldn't that mean more money to spend on hes, srs, armors and weapons? Unless it's just a case of childish sour grapes. Seeing how you're trying to put words in other people's mouth, I'd say that's a wise choice. Then don't quote me to make your point. Rehdon
  17. I just want to thank you for opening my eyes with your impeccable logic: sure, it's all these players' fault, they choose to play the fighter role and what do they ask for? just that, being able to self sustain with monster drops while they develop their character as they have chosen to!!! Oh, the arrogance, the arrogance, and the constant whining about such an unreasonable demand, they really are shameless. Who do they think they are? As if they were an important part of the economy, buying lots of stuff produced by frustrated mixers, who can't advance in experience as fast as them. You know, I just realized that there's sort of an unbalance in the game: mixers should advance as fast as fighters, why should they be second class citizens in EL? So here's my suggestion: tie production of manu/crafting/engineering items to A/D level, let's say you can't produce a steel shield if you aren't at least 40/40 in A/D, a crown of life if you aren't 60/60 and so on. See, now that would a perfect world, everyone is either a fighter/harvester/mixer or a mixer/fighter/harvester not by his own choice but because the game forces you to do that. Mandatory multiclass ftw!!! And by the way, I'm an all-rounder who sort of sees both sides of the coin, before you could mistake me for one of those horribly whining pkers ... Rehdon
  18. That was the original plan for engineering: A pity it hasn't happened so far, it's perhaps the main reason I picked up engineering as a skill. Let's hope for the future... Rehdon [1] Eternal Lands development journal, entry for 2007-01-23.
  19. I don't know about selling rostos through shop only, but IMHO removing ND PK areas is a bad idea: I'm not a pker, I will try at some point and knowing that I don't risk losing stuff is a great incentive. Allowing people to dip their toes in the dangerous sea of pking is the only way to attract more players to this activity, remove it and you'll see very little new blood (no pun intended ) Rehdon
  20. Should selling gc for $ be banned

    That would be exactly the same situation as with all other game rules: the vast majority of the players (or so I hope) would respect it, and a minority would try to cheat, as it happens with the illegal multiplaying rule. I've never broken that one, and I'd never break a new one once it is introduced in the game; I think many honourable players would do just that. If you say it is illegal, than it surely would be But it doesn't seem to be the same situation, because that'd have little relation with shop sales; besides, it sounds a bit weird (and complicated) to really do that in-game. All good points: it would surely be harder to catch $$ sellers than, say, illegal multiplayers. Perhaps you could act on a "innocent unless sure proof" basis, but then for those found guilty impose a stiff penalty, which would act as a deterrent. After all, I don't think you catch 100% of illegal multiplayers: the rule is there, though, and people know that they could risk a lot by cheating or trying to cheat. I understand the situation is quite complicated, hope you'll be able to come up with a good solution Rehdon
  21. what must be hear

    I don't know about Shocker, but I met Belalli several times in the feros cave, and he always seemed a kind and unaggressive chap to me. My 0.02 cents of course ... Rehdon
  22. Gold membership

    Voted Yes. But IMHO this won't help much with the gold farming problem, which should addressed with other means. Rehdon
  23. Adopt a newbie program

    Nice idea. I'm willing to do this as soon as the NPC is there (well, in any case not before I come back from Easter vacation ) Rehdon
  24. Auctioning 30k emeralds

    Hi all, I'm auctioning 30k emeralds: starting price is 85k gc, BIN is 100k. PM me in game, or leave a message here. Auction ends as soon as they're sold out Might also sell them in blocks of 10K if 2-3 people are interested Rehdon
  25. Auctioning 30k emeralds

    Emeralds sold to Felkku, auction closed. Rehdon