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  1. Race change

    You're really fast! Thanks for enlightening me!
  2. Race change

    Thank you for the very fast reply! One last question, assuming I already have the stone in my inventory: -Do I use it and it takes me back to the customization screen? Or how does it work?
  3. Race change

    Hello, I was browsing the el-wiki page and stumbled upon a "Color change stone". http://el-wiki.net/Color_Change_Stone It says there that this stone changes sex/race/appearance. It sounded tempting so I went to the store but there I understood it slightly different (that it changes only the skin colour). So could anyone explain to me how this stone works? 1. Can I change both my race and appearance or just one of them? 2. What about size? Is it included in appearance? P.S.: I searched the forums before making this topic and did not find useful info about this (The words "change" and "stone" are very popular) Thank you in advance!
  4. Another keyboard problem

    Thank you very much ttlanhil! It worked! Thank you once again!
  5. Another keyboard problem

    I'm posting for a friend. Here it is: Hi! My problem is that I have hungarian keyboard with which i have never had any problems in EL before, but now with the new version it's not working properly anymore. I am not able to type any commands cause the # sign is "alt gr+x" on my keyboard which now works like i just hit alt+x and exits the game. I also can't type @ which is "alt gr+v" on my keyboard..so I can't talk on any channels. If anybody could help me how to solve it, plz post here. Ty in advance, Sophee
  6. Storage clearence

    I'll take the tit cuisses and tit shield for 50k. If you don't like my offer i'll take the tit cuisses !
  7. How old are you?

    I'm 18 years old (almost 19 )
  8. Română

    Radu, daca imi permiti sa iti zic pe nume , trebuie sa te felicit pt ultimele update-uri! Inca ma mai minunez cum rezisti la atatia oameni care se plang neincetat de chestii despre care habar nu au! Felicitari pentru joc, cel mai bun joc pe care l-am intalnit pana acum, combinatie de messenger si rpg extremely addictive! P.S.: cand am vazut primul tau post in romana m-am speriat! mi se parea atat de ciudat, pana atunci te "auzisem" numai in engleza!
  9. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    I'm not a potioner but I'm still happy! All the changes are great and despite some don't like the stones thing I love it (i'm not an evil rich person, i wish i were cause from where i stand, evil rich ppl support this game a lot). The last few updates have been great! Thanks to the devs, mods and you Ent
  10. When does '2' become 'double'

    If there is a free spawn near the double one, the newcomer should take the single spawn. If the free spawn is occupied then the newcomer should talk to the one that's training at the double spawn, not take a spawn as granted (it's a bit rude). If the trainer is an "ass" take a spawn at your choice, and if it's a nice person he'll give up one for you! What i'm trying to say is : show a lil' respect to the one that was training there before you, and if you don't get any in return then feel free to take a spawn!
  11. Team Eternally Hardcore: The Source

    1k fox furs pls
  12. ~Ores Incorporated~

    10k thread pls
  13. buying lots silver bars (40 ea) and gems (3 ea)

    I have 6k sapphires atm, and i could harv more. just tell me how many emeralds and sapphires you need. As for the rubies, they're not my thing
  14. Guess what the final item is for

    It's a mixture that prevents critical failures or even simple failures from happening! The effect could be for a period of time or only for the next item that one makes. Potion of no failure while mixing! oh rats! please don't laugh i only read the first page! lol ups :> my mistake, gratz to the winner! I'm so ashamed ....
  15. Sto clearing.

    How much for the unicorn meds and the sun meds? I'll buy them all 20 uni and 4 sun for 3.6k , that is if you agree!