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  1. Olny psot if you can raed tihs

    taht is cazry
  2. Favorite Game types...

    I was just wanting to know what gametypes people that play EL are into...I've found that most people into MMORPG are into Strategy and Adventure...but I like those and i can also play a First Person Shooter for hours if i want..But i cant stand to even look at people play Turn-based games i always hear how you have to be startegic to like them and shit but to me they are Sooooo Boring.. Please Comment on what you think.. :arrow:
  3. Whats a really cool game?

    no i never tried the counter strike games, but when i was readng about Splinter cell 2 they said that no other game gave you the spy abailites like splinter cell...but im not sure what the counter strike games are like
  4. Eternal lands video/ad

    yes i would like too be in this as well, i posted in the other thread but now its officially in the "events" so ill post here as well.
  5. Whats a really cool game?

    The latest FPS that i played was Splinter Cell Pandara Tomorrow, online that game kicks ass...You get the mercenaries vs spy action that cant be beat
  6. Would you kill? (Quiz)

    A,B,C,...4? what happened to D?
  7. Help with IRC chatroom...

    www.chat.cjb.net try this one since your using cjb redirection anyway, you can creat one here and link it...
  8. Object suggestions.

    Some Viking Long boat types would be cool...with the Dragon head and all.
  9. Best Console

    I picked up The new splinter cell for my Xbox yesterday, iwas blown away by the fun i was having on Xbox Live with that game, multiple spies is badass...if your into games like that and you have "Live" for your Xbox then get this game...if your not connected with your Xbox then get it for pc cuz multpayer kicks total ass...
  10. Best Console

    Ninja Gaiden is Soooo Badass! This thread has lasted awhile even with only 3 systems to discuss
  11. can't get out tent

    Yeah use your "Use" Icon..the right click on the tent doorway, i did the same thing and luckily someone was on the market channel that knew how to get out cuz the other guys in the tent with me Beamed up :lol:
  12. Rivan Warriors (Riva)

    Ok just to answer myself and any others who were wondering, the guild is based on the eddings books...its posted in thier forums @ www.rivanwarriors.com/forum
  13. The Grand Dragon Council Quest for Newcomers.

    when you say stats at or below 10 what stats do you mean...czn i participate like say if my magic was below 10? even though everything else was in the 20's or 30's...i could use an extra 500 plats ya know
  14. Is slang annoying?

    it is annoying when im talking to people who use it, but in the forums i just ignore it just as learner does.
  15. Fantasy Fonts

    Thats pretty cool...
  16. Question

    OK, ive been playing with the map maker for a little bit and im starting to get the hang of it, But is there anyway to test your maps, like an quick run through or anything...If there is any wa please let me know because it would help...
  17. Question

    well, i think i fall a little short in the code writing department :roll: :roll:
  18. Question

    yeah, it would be so nice to just be able to run a test dummy program on maps yor making, guess you just have to confident that what you did was right :?
  19. Easter Eggs

    NO shit....i hate ME.
  20. Rivan Warriors (Riva)

    I have loved the Belgariad, Mallorean and Polgara, Belgarath..but just last month when i finished the Rivan Codex....no more...it kinda sucks, ive always been looking foward to the next book in the series now i cant but i was just wondering if they took thier guild name from there, seeing is how The Rivan King rules all the west in the books...
  21. Rate the Stupid-ness

    like the intro to your site..... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  22. Rivan Warriors (Riva)

    yup, i know...then they have a sequel of 5 more called the "Mallorean"
  23. Rivan Warriors (Riva)

    jus wondering, did the guild get the name from the bestselling books "The Belgariad"??? i love those books and was just wondering....

    What kind of video card do you have?
  25. Ive got to be Honest.

    I know for a fact i will try the p2p, but its depending on the price and added gameplay ill be looking at to determine wether or not i stay in it