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  1. rayla bjed us in trassian

    Tiny_tim or not still a bagjumper, just be extra careful when you see her
  2. Storage Sale.

    8k for all?
  3. Artificer is back as a perk!

    yea the cape is still better, the perk is for people who cant afford an extra 140k or those who dont want to wear a col
  4. Artificer is back as a perk!

    Sucks for those who have 10 human
  5. Selling Misc..

    8k for vials
  6. Selling Misc..

    12k for steel shields
  7. Selling Misc..

    uhh 5k for all the vials? And ill take all the steel shields for 9k
  8. Invitation to Zia and EvilJoe's wedding

    Your not a draegoni(Zia doesnt count, she didnt post) :> Anyways congratz, and gl with the wedding. Hope i can make it.
  9. speaks for itself. Tired of guessing on who i have on my list. like if i want to get rid of someone who quit #edit- opps added the spea Oo
  10. perks

    Power hungry antisocial skeptic
  11. The Kusamura Arena Showdown 3

    Sign me up for backup, i got some unfinished business :> whos gonna beat YinDi if i dont fight?
  12. heres some ranging pics
  13. Magic Immune

    well a part of the reason people cast MI is because of MD. the reason we dont like md is obvious, you dont have the mana to restore and therefore you die. making yourself "immune" to restore defeats the purpose imo. pk would become a bunch of people casting harm. Whats a sword?
  14. my health sigil is gone!

    Use something like photobucket (www.photobucket.com) if you dont have an account doesn't take to long to make one. after that just upload to photobucket then copy and paste the image code here, or for the sake of space just post the link