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  1. Point defense Perk

    good point but then would you think if they are doing it during a fight the 2 fighters would attack the rangers
  2. Point defense Perk

    still have to disagree a good pker which i am not will always account for that and should be able to fight the ranger at close range either way
  3. Point defense Perk

    but they are at a huge diadvantange when people get it too close or attack them especially if they get multied also if a summoner spams the area that even makes it harder or the random mines too lol
  4. Point defense Perk

    plus a perk like this for only 2pps would kill ranging because everyone would get it and kill all the rangers then no one would advance that skill therefore destroying a skill in which would hurt the el economy
  5. Point defense Perk

    the perk would be made for the ones that are satisfied with their attributes and want to go out on a limb. in how they get the pps is up to them and either way would keep the el economy good
  6. Point defense Perk

    nope no need im pretty good at numbers
  7. Point defense Perk

    true but if a person is having that much trouble with rangers he might invest in it or more products which keeps the el cycle going
  8. Point defense Perk

    lol sounds good and like i said it protects el's economy then by protecting a product UNLESS a person has no need for pps anymore and is willing to slightly slow the economy on that product each time he would have used one or someone else takes the perk
  9. Point defense Perk

    yes because that is protecting el economics the right way lol
  10. Point defense Perk

    i like the idea but a lot of people would want it and 2 pick points make it too easy so how about an enormous amount of them instead that will make it worth it so 20 pp's sounds like a good thing to save up for with 250kgc got to keep the money flow going for players in my opinion so this should protect it very well
  11. Gold membership

    i like this idea and every part of it too
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    rayla surprised me on that 1 lol
  13. Mage class idea

    i think it will allow a new power into el so very good idea imo
  14. deer is recruiting

    the strongest reigndeer is recruiting pm im_santa if u would like to join and for guild requirements
  15. New sword Spatha

    i like that idea but how much would you think a sword like that would cost and what would the damage it do be so i have alot of questions on it but i still think its a good idea