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    AFK in KF
  1. pvp-ing

    KF is and always has been the best place to PK! It's the classic setting of many memorable guild wars like Wolf and [TM] and then *CO* and *Ti*? I think, that very strange ninja guild.. Numerous good times have been had there. Oh, how I wish for the days of old.
  2. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    1 Neveron 1756 2 Eternal Lands 1657 w00t keep up the voting!
  3. new sig i made

    Very nice Street, maybe you could make me one? :lol:
  4. How do you pronounce...

    Most definately P"own". I say it in rl all the time, Muahahaha.
  5. =HC= V. *CO*

  6. =HC= V. *CO*

    Rofl @ Enyo.
  7. Possible food level bug

    And you are not using a modified client right?
  8. A Question

    No they cannot be lost.
  9. good suggestion

    Move the flowers far away from votd storage Since those flowers contribute to 20% of the people in the storage general area, it would be a good idea to move them to another map altogether if not on the opposite side of votd.
  10. bring fun back in Pk!

    That stone needs to be made very very rare or taken out completely! <_< It sux0rz
  11. =P CO Lair was Raided

    lol Pocal you were never online to be told
  12. Your overall level is now 100!

    Gratz or Congratulations
  13. doom and masters capes

    I miss all the old capes <_<
  14. =P CO Lair was Raided

    That is MY chair, not Slaytons!! MikeH made it for me! When the bot is made the cave will be cleaned
  15. Guilds