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  1. I preorder a scott peterson book. this is just a tidbit about what I like.
  2. Black And White 2

    do u really think unofficial version is legal ? i have spoken too much .
  3. Just So I Won't Have To Repeat It Anymore!

  4. Joining Polar Bear Swimming Team Is Cool

    dude moving water does not freeze. even if the water is 2 degree have you ever taken a chemistry class ?
  5. Gl_arb_point_parameters

    u think that is crappy ? Buuhan1 Posted on Dec 4 2004, 04:47 AM i also have 128 RAM, 16 GB hard drive and a 56k modem so i think i got the crappiest computer in the world (figure of speech) i have a 266 mhz 128 mb ram max on the motherboard, a 56k modem , a 6gb hard drive,
  6. Why I Got Banned?

    let me explain . players who know him. Known that he is a pk.
  7. This Is Cool Invention.

    From cell phone to sunflower http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/12/06/cellpho...reut/index.html
  8. Rosa Parks Apartment

    I think she is the greatest person in the known world. SHE IS DEAD . AS OF Monday . She was 92. http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/10/25/parks.obit/index.html < ARTICLE about her death. http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/12/06/rosa.parks.ap/index.html < article about her.
  9. A Weird Problem. Need Solution. Plz

    why in the hell would my fps be same .
  10. Why I Got Banned?

    do not unban him he is a pk . right guys who have play in el ?????????????????
  11. Joining Polar Bear Swimming Team Is Cool

    actually i also join one and we stay for 10 mins in the cold water.
  12. Efe For Sale!

    buy one efe for 18,001 gp .
  13. my laptop has 8 mb video card and my desktop has 32 mb video card . and they both have the same rate of fps . the fps is 10 . why ???? want solution so i can see in real time of 30 fps when a player kill me .
  14. Sandcastle :)

    what is sand castle a guy or a girl ? confused
  15. who think pet rock are cool ? just want input on this subject .