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  1. very old players

    Welcome back Cranny!
  2. Naralik outsides

    This is fixed for the next client update
  3. capped invasions

    I would only support this if this was a new command, and not an adjustment to the current capped invasion command. If this was a change to ALL capped invasions, I would have to say no. While this would, hypothetically, put everyone on an even playing field in terms of a/d, it would still put the "pro" players at an advantage over the regular undercap players in terms of resources, attributes, and magic/range levels. Asgnny did a 100 capped invasion last week. There was a team of about 6-8 of us clearing the map. Had this system been in place, the people the invasion was actually suited for would not have had as much fun because the pros would be there, too. And there definitely would not have been a chance for us undercappers to take out a bula without a pro trying to swipe it. So if this was made into a new command that could occasionally be put to use... then by all means. Otherwise, I'd rather do without it.
  4. Next time I do one of these wave invasions, I will probably just use Zilding's idea. It seems most effective with what we currently have to use.
  5. Error in direction entering storage

    Yeah, exactly what Aisy said
  6. Error in direction entering storage

    This isn't something that can be fixed easily. Pretty much would require repositioning of every item in each storage, redoing the height map, etc on the .elm file. Basically, a ton of work for something that doesn't affect usability. Maybe if we were redoing all the insides of a map, that would be considered, but at the moment, I wouldn't even begin to try to fix all the directional "bugs" ingame
  7. Poll - New client update?

    There's another thread for it, but the client is being tested still. And I'm working on some map bug fixes. Radu said maybe end of February for the update, but that's if everything is worked out by then

    Cool. Congrats to you three

    As a little game for all of you, I've hidden 3 hyperbags somewhere in EL, each of them with a nice prize. Anyone who has skeleton keys may participate in this contest, and it's first come, first serve with the bags. I've come up with 3 riddles to explain where the hyperbags are hidden, and you will have to decipher the riddles to figure out where they are. More hints may be given later on if some the hyperbags aren't found. If you find a bag, please post in this topic saying which bag you found and where it was so others know not to look for it. If you cannot post here, please have someone else post on your behalf. BAG 1 RIDDLE - FOUND BY ALPHABET Don't forget where the four colors meet. With the secret it hides, both magic and death can be beat. Choose the square not tinted by light. Walk down the stairs to find this hidden delight. BAG 2 RIDDLE - FOUND BY BURN A follower of Her, who traveled far and wide. In a land where even their pictures have cried. Donning the colors, a mixture of white and of blue. This non-holy gift sits in her peripheral view. BAG 3 RIDDLE - FOUND BY MAXINE In a place where magic is carried on the air, where those with no direction should avoid or beware. In one of twelve is where this treasure will stand, top the sun-rising rock before leaving this land. Good luck and happy hunting!
  10. Possible Invance Rehab?

    So even if there is a full team ready to go, it wouldn't work if no one was online/wanted to go who was under the cap?
  11. Possible Invance Rehab?

    With the cap, wouldn't that hypothetically not work if everyone who joins the invance is over the cap?
  12. Possible Invance Rehab?

    People get experience with fighting, but removing the reward is removing the incentive. I brought this up in channel 6 last night... would anyone do the skill tutorial quests if there were no reward at the end? You're still getting experience from it. The answer is, probably not. Without this extra incentive, it's barely different than an instance or invasion.
  13. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Removing something that many people enjoy as is? Problems doubled
  14. Possible Invance Rehab?

    I feel like all these new suggestions would just over complicate it for the regular player. In my opinion, if the experience is removed, I won't even consider going to an invance. If people want to have fun without the experience at the end, go to an instance or invasion. Invances offer a different type of reward/outcome than the others and de-complicates matters. Teams in instances and invasions have to find ways to split the rewards. While this works out for some, what about the outcast of the group? Might not be part of a guild/allies, but helps take down one of the boss monsters. I think this would just add more of a headache including this into the whole invance process. If someone contributes as much as they possibly can, then they should get the full experience. If someone doesn't take an invance seriously, they should be banned from it. Yes, people should wear level appropriate gear and yes, people need to actively be participating for the majority of the invance. If anything, I feel that there should be a definitive listing of gear required for each invance for each class (fighter, mage, ranger.) And a realistic expectation of what is expected of each in terms of participation.
  15. Outhouses

    I'll see what I can do.