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    In some trailer-park in Texas cutting Ak1
  1. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    I remember Aislinn. Ex-member here too, from about 2004 until 2005 (a bit after the big reset). I had some good times in this game (and even met a future ex while playing). Entropy, how have ya been?
  2. Who remembers....

    I remember the Manu god being implemented and Frak paying newbs 10k per rat tail. I started my vast millions that first batch of tails. Tit bars were 15k each. I made like 10k steel bars to get my alch level to 60, and countless pants were made in general stores throughout EL for my level 60 manu. I remember the bag jumpers in stores would try to get peoples manu'ed stuff to sell to trik. I remember no LadyWolf, but we did have the loudmouthed psycho broad (plat)....and that was just as bad. Only a couple of lame PK guilds back then, but I did business with most of them. Tornado and Aquarden had the first master cape. You could store food, but who cared....you didn't need it for anything except harvesting. The game was fun.
  3. I bagjumped....bad me

    I wouldn't call it honest. I would say it goes like this: A child gets caught stealing twinkies from the cupboard. The child is repremanded, and feels terrible for getting caught. The child kisses the parents' ass for a few weeks, gaining back the trust lost for being an idiot to begin with. Then again, I could be wrong. People that read this forum hourly that think jride is wrong: 76% People that do not read this forum (nor care what is in it because they know how the people jump on bandwagons to get noticed, troll posts in hopes of sucking up to be a MOD, or have absolutely nothing else to do) and know the forum community is a biased representation of the game that think Jride is 100% correct: 84%
  4. Dezm bagjumper, and liar

    It'll never be over. Some people actually NEED drama to go on with every day life. She is just one of those people that are nosy, and look for something to stick their nose in in order to feel better about the day. *shrug* There might have been a time I believed her over a *CO* member, but I have experience with people like this in real life. Good....perhaps this is a push in the direction she was supposedly headed in to begin with.
  5. Attack by manhunt

    Yes, this policy of attacking PVPers is applied strictly to red tags only, in retaliation for the fact that that is how our enemies chose to treat our own pvpers and it was felt unfair to our players not to use the eye for an eye tactic. The only time we attack a PVP char that has not got a red tag, is if they are pvping WITH a red tag (usually the person is tagless simply coz they left guild to train, but in any case they are helping our enemies so are valid targets). IF anyone that is training and does NOT have a red tag on themselves or their pvp partner, gets attacked by an FUBR member, they should contact me either ingame or via forums PM asap. As for the rest of you guys commenting, well ok, half of you are enemies anyways so no loss to us by being on your pk lists i guess, but please note I AM sorting this out. - PYE ROFL. You were a dick about it when I posted about your members attacking PVP players, now look at you? I'd say I gave fair warning about your guild before my post was hijacked by LadyWolf....... Lord_Valyn PVP killing players with new stats So, are you re-writing your policy now? It takes your guild killing a supposed "nice" person in the game for you to take "action" and work on this "personally"? I'd say your last comment sums up your ability for diplomacy in this game. "No Loss to us". Aye..your guild is nothing, and won't ever be anything. No loss indeed. Here is the hypocrisy and also the unwritten rules I warned about in my prior thread which was hijacked. FUBR the PVP killers. Ok, I'm gone again.
  6. Lord_Valyn (FUBR)

    You know nothing of that. I have appologized to Shen, and we have an agreement. Why don't you leave already and stop making MORE waves with people. You're the biggest hypocrite I've seen so far...it does take one to spot one, right? Weren't you leaving and taking your damn drama with you? This is not as the world turns.....you cannot just sit and eat bon bons while hoping Peter and Pauls marriage works out. You made your own bed with people, the couch is over there, go sit and pout. As for issues? Look who the hell is talking? You cannot even handle this game-world (which is not-real...got it?), I wonder how you run your real life? Seriously, stay out of shit that doesn't concern you, it has you in a bind on this game (that's all it is...a game...really!). Are you mad because I wouldn't flirt with you or something? Give me a break. Well, now that all the post jackers have had pot-shots, ok, fine. I'll kill a few newbies in the "training" arenas (what a joke those are) and see if I get my rocks off like these RS jerks do. If it is really all that wonderful, maybe I'll stick around, start training and join *CO*. If not, I'll most likely leave this game that has been overpopulated with fat, sensitive, nosy, trailer trash....mixed together with spoiled brats with no home lives that think a tough kewl character in a game somehow reverses the daily beatings they receive in school. More words of wisdom that will fall on deaf "ears": How many unwritten rules are going to dictate this game? With all the "etiquette" and "un-enforced" bullshit, you all will hang yourselves in the long run. This world is full of HYPOCRITES (at least she spelled it right), pointing them out is not even a small step in solving it. I will stop posting here, it is a waste of time. These forums are all a joke, and you can all have the drama bullshit with it.
  7. Lord_Valyn (FUBR)

    To Savrl or whatever: Sorry for hurting your sensitive eyes. Truthfully, I don't know you or care what you think of anything I say or do...stay out of the topic if you cannot handle it. To the rest of you: Alright, I see the point of staying out of a PK map...sure. What the hell is the point of it being a "Training Arena" if no training gets done? Only pathetic PK losers who find themselves that bored to PK newb stat players? pyewacket, I never really liked you or your comments in the game anyhow. I've already turned away several FUBR members and allied guilds. I suppose I could just become the ultimate hypocrite and do what every one else does in game....beware your DB's.
  8. Lord_Valyn (FUBR)

    Go buy another character. Better yet, go back to RS, it is people like you that have ruined this community for the ones who have spent a long time building up friendships with people whom you have run off. And Zaer, if I wanted a joke I would follow you into the bathroom and watch you take a leak. Mkay? buhbye.
  9. Lord_Valyn (FUBR)

    Zaire and Pyewacket, I believe I've seen posts from one of you complaining about outlaws and dishonorable practices.....I would like your take on killing characters with newbie stats? I do not need to explain anything. Don't train characters in the PK arenas with FUBR around. FUBR is on my ban list, no more cheap SR's for you.
  10. Kuno is a bagjumper

    In my experience Kuno is a decent guy....and I do not post this sort of stuff lightly. Proof (if existing) would help your cause, otherwise this is Slanderous.
  11. What's goin on back there?

    right now? answering silly questions on the forums... and as long as there are silly people about, I doubt it'll ever get finished. seriously, though, the answers are on the forums, if you read them, there are a lot of things listed that are being worked on, or are done and will be released soon, or will be worked on soon the answer to your second question is about as well... that won't ever happen either (there'll always be stuff to add, saturation of items and new high-levels means you always need more high-end stuff, at the least) I think he wanted to know from the real devs.
  12. fatboyjim

    I see u prefer flaming well it really makes you look big indeed. However have you ever thought about ppl who rather act than talk???....omg sorry i know im just big newb who tries to solve everything with violence and you are spotless guy who hates ca$h and talk behind their back because he is sooooooo inteligent and have sooooooooo GOOD reason. Behind your back? I believe I've been pretty up front about it. Enough is enough. Just go play the game. Ortinoocooitoe, or whatever....participate in the MYOFB contest. PM me in game if you need help figuring that one out.
  13. fatboyjim

    At least u have your tounge, but where are your guts? In my abdomen, don't you know anatomy? I have brains little guy (those are located in the cranial cavity....some are more promenant than others), you have countless hours to train (and have other people train for you) so you can back up your petty insults with a sword.....in a game. Kudo's. Being smart enables me to stay out of the arenas where I am no match for kids that train for hours and days...just as brains (however small in quantity) should keep you from trying to one up me on here, as you'll get owned. Killing a player in a game that is weaker than you may win you a small bragging right. What comes after that?
  14. fatboyjim

    So i think we could settle this in wsc arena in front of all. dont u think so? u know im just poor newbie.... heal plz heal plz Sure. I'll meet you there...March 32nd, 25 o' clock. Violence solves everything.
  15. fatboyjim

    If they have the right to do what they want, then I have the right to post my 2 cents without CA$H lackeys and cheerleaders asking me stupid questions. This is about fitboyjim, not CA$H. Stick to the topic or be deleted, remember? To the newbie who posted above you, I have plenty besides a sharp tongue that has kept me alive this far, and your wit is no match for mine. Stay out of the big leagues.