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  1. guild name w/ stats

    Yeah, and it sould be possible because we also have a guild list.
  2. Now how much times is that answered? A serp, tit chain and everything and a bunch of body rests.
  3. needle as a wapon

    A needle is a bit too small to throw. But maybe in the P2P version, we could use needles to put on our arrows.
  4. does anyone besides me

    yup. But this should be moved to off-topic i think...
  5. Eternal lands video/ad

    Im in if i get the date ect.

    *after cleaning his brain, he is a kilo lighter* ................................. ... and maybe let the PS's "move" when they stand still if it doesn't take to much space. Sirdan, Im also playing Monster and Me for a while... where did you get the idea?
  7. Steping on a bag.

    Might be a good idea. But it must be changeable ingame. Example: Someone is buying sort of furs for a good price. Then you are hunting animals for their drops. But if you have the option on, and you are fighting just for the exp, it is annoying when you need to click the menu away. Maybe sorta command like: #auto_bag and #auto_bag_off or something...
  8. Race Idea

    Staffs and shields are things you can buy! :wink: it is unfair if he gets it free. But aren't mammoth warriors just humans dressed in... ah well...
  9. Dane looking for an european guild/clan

    I mean the skills of course. :wink:
  10. Dane looking for an european guild/clan

    heh, started yesterday? you could ask. but with no stats on or above 20 you can't officially join one. Still, a guild that wants you to join will train you untill then. So you could officially join it.
  11. Thiefs and cops :)

    So how do you train it? Wait for noobies and steal their stuff? Policeman... you shouldn't call it like that. Also, 1 hour is too much. if we implant that, it isn't against the rules so maybe... 20 minutes? Maybe the defence skill of the target will effect the procent of a sucsessed steal.
  12. The Grand Dragon Council Quest for Newcomers.

    ??? In April or something, were gonna move to a new server.
  13. War event idea

    Maybe a bag that stays 1 min or something? And many players want that Trik isn't just a lazy shop guy that buys ur stuff. He should come in action! :twisted:
  14. thing

    Lol, then whats in your avvy, Toyminator? Just click on the pointing finger and choose the item you wanna drink/eat.
  15. New summoning suggestion.

    Yeah, But how weaker the weapon, the longer it stays. Example: :arrow: Iron Sword: 30 seconds or something. :arrow: Serp: Maybe... 10, like you said? The same could be done with armor.