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  1. Are you a patriot?

    Somewhat Patriotic You scored 43% US Philosophy, 69% American Pride, 33% Involvement, and 0% Citizen Status! Needed wayyy more options on many of those questions, never knew i was that proud >.>
  2. Celebrate EL on a Frappr! Map

    lol, satellite shows i live in a field.. close enough
  3. Wannabees Backstreetboys

    counter strike map > de_dust
  4. toomassss

    smooms was king O_o and
  5. I need to know how many player has x mb video card

    8x agp 128 mb geforce4 mx 4000 plus(sux for any other game) , but my mobo only has 4x agp cap. but it can [play el with constant 50+ (dont buy that card or any other mx they r teh sux)
  6. Anyone playing conquer online?

    lol i had auric(maybe auricral) name on ko also... and ive been using this name for games for like 5 years so... :/ btw ya its weird how the 'M's are capatalized in Conquer also. If smooms isnt playing co wat is he playing? just rtcw?
  7. eep

    wow thatsa lotta money wasted lol... but honestly... cutting it? WTF lol
  8. the cycs

    updates are meant to screw up people's abilty to lvl up. you should know that by now
  9. Server down?

    hehe dont wanna give ideas.... BTW I
  10. Server down?

    so you get extra set of armor, serp, and clotehes ?
  11. Basic-Attributes

    ya nidan is right, cross attributes are the ones that affect the char.
  12. Anyone playing conquer online?

    oct 2005 join date... sure its not you acting like a chick again? :/ lol jk get gw!
  13. which game shud i play now?

    Obviously its GW! i beat the game and now do straight pvp tombs just got my chars through game then deleted them... thats my style btw names are: well... lol i remake pvp alot the only static char is Unbreakable Aura, a new monk...
  14. What is better

    pfft, stick combat ownz both
  15. Advent Children

    yea i watched a subbed version of it... you don't need a psp it was great i just wish there were more scenes where the other characters fought instead of just the summon...