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  1. Bur can cook

    Yummmmmmmmmm Just like Mom's............now I will have to make it CassIoPIA
  2. Your favorite xmas gift as a child or adult

    Hi SweeTThanG I remember my favorite gift as a child was a siamese kitten named Samantha.................It was actually a birthday gift since it was so close to christmas which made it very special because December babies often do not get extra gifts on birthdays, It is often combined with christmas. As an adult......................jewerly & diamonds of course are favorites But the best gift of all is love of family & friends!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!! CassIoPIA
  3. P2P renewal

    Can you plxz let me know when my p2p expires. Tyvm, CassIoPIA
  4. Xfire and EL

    Just DL xfire and working fine, wish I would have known sooner, nice add to game CassIoPIA
  5. Mizera CZE

    I don't know if MiZerA was being malicious or not when healing the opponent since their are no chat logs to prove or disprove this. What I am wondering thou is why didn't he heal her also at the same time if he was trying to prolong the fight for her to get more exp. Also the cost of the loss is not the issue. Each and everyone one of you were nublets and I certainly remember how it felt when I lost st00f to dying..........especially by another persons hand. I also feel that it really isn't an honorable thing to pk trainers, no matter what venue they chose to do it with But that is only my opinion CassIoPIA
  6. Buying Snow Leopard Furs

    Hi 2+2, I have 300 snow leopard furs if you need. pm in game when you see me. CassIoPIA
  7. New messages for Leonard

    How about when Leonard dies: Leonard only has 8 of his 9 lives left. When he kills: If you can't run with the big cats....get back under the porch with the rest of the kittens MMMMeeeeooooWWWW CassIoPIA
  8. Game Crashes on Load [SOLVED]

    Hi 2+2 I am assuming you have windows: Go to control panel, click classic view, click intel driver. should have info about your driver there. Also have you tried disabling all eye candy, sound, shadows, clouds...etc before logging in. Crrl-o before log in and uncheck those and enable poorman and try that, hope it helps. CassIoPIA
  9. Spelling lesson for the day

    I am glad that this ban and its effects will not affect me, except if you accept that you expect that while my brain is making emissions my fingers make omissions. If you are jealous of my typing capability realise that I am being zealous because of the high probability of errors in a post of such an obvious dubious nature. Free headache tablets at beam for anyone that got this far and is still not blind or gibbering. LMFAO!!!!!! I needed a good laugh\o/ CassIoPIA P.S. Shouldn't that be realize instead of realise.............j/k
  10. LAG(stuck in c2 portal room)

    If you can log on and type, ask a mod to zap you out of portals room to PL storage. Or, try ctrl-o before log in to disable all eye candy and sound from options menu. Or, if you cannot type anything, ask a trusted friend to log onto your character to move you out of portals room..............Yes I know that is not the best advice, but I had to do that at one time after 1.4.0 was upgraded to 1.5.0............after that I had no problems. (except for now) CassIoPIA P.S. You can always change your password afterwards
  11. EL 1.6.0 (release) for pre download

    It appears their may be some correlalion of the re-install of windows, drivers etc.... and how EL is functionng. I also just re-installed windows xp service pk 2, drivers, updates etc...and seems that I noticed EL is not functioning the same as before. CassIoPIA
  12. EL 1.6.0 (release) for pre download

    While spanking bears in NC, everything seemed ok until I came to little bridge by teh blue quartz. Had 2 hard crashes while screen was in video mode 1024x768x32. Tried again in regular video mode and no problem. Tried to change video mode to smaller and cannot, it appears to be stuck in one size. Also have all eye candy and sound disabled and on poor man mode. So if anyone knows what I can do to correct this issue, plxz advise. (besides playing in small screen mode that is) Thank you, CassIoPIA P.S. Tried changing video mode before logging into game and was non-responsive. P.S.S. Went to TG storage and was in 1024x768x32 video mode.........No walls, just floor and people were visable. Toggled back to small screen and storage is ok.
  13. Game crashes

    HI Smee, If you have not done so already, disable all eyecandy, sound and enable poor man. You can do this before logging onto game by pressing ctrl-o in the welcome screen. If this is the issue, then when back in game, try enabling options one by one to see if this is the problem. Hope it helps, CassIoPIA
  14. engagement Jvg and Melisande-to be wed

    Gratz and did you sign a pre EL-nuptial........j/k...lol Best of luck CassIoPIA
  15. RC 1

    Just installed RC-1, eye candy, sound and music enabled. Using poor man option. UVP still 0 FPS fluctuates between 8-34 when walking on some maps and in storage areas. When toggling screen size I get message "Not using vertex program for actor animation". Map changes are smooth and fast. Nice touch with eye candy for harvesting, Maybe now I won't sit there for 15 mins unaware that I am not harvesting......lol. Good job to all CassIoPIA p.s. After testing a few different things this weekend I had several issues. When engaging fight with bears in WS cave and NC, I got bells, fire sounds. When entering room of magic in RoT, I had a major crash, screen froze and couldn't do anything, alt-x wouldn't exit game, I had to restart PC to exit game. After several failed attempts to log on and get out of the room w/o crashing, I was able to log on long enough to tele'out. Disabled sounds and special effects and tried to enter room again, no crash but FPS was 0 and tele'd out of room. I updated driver to latest version available and not sure if that is the problem or just a glitch. Also when changing screen size grued and/or got disconnected a few times. Thxz for any info