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  1. street_ghost now teh retired

    well if u listen to this u will also believe i have a 15'' penis coz i just looked and he is playing right now, why cant u make a decision and stick to it , yow some sort of pussy rofl :wink: u know im messing wid ya
  2. Guess someone's name!

    hehe get this 1 :wink:
  3. Forum Time (Dont flame me)

    u know what i think yr absolutely right... this post is completely pointless :wink:
  4. Guess someone's name!

    try and get this 1 , its quite easy
  5. The Great Duels of EL

    u know i would have fucked u all up with 99 attack and 50 coord
  6. Damaged items bug??

    ok not sure if this is a bug but if not it SUCKS! i damaged my tit chain and there is nowhere to repair it and i cant bank in either so im meant to carry it around with me all the time??
  7. Guild Wars

    go take a look at this , cant deny that it looks and sounds good http://www.guildwars.com/faq/default.html
  8. leeloo is ineterested :wink:
  9. The Great Duels of EL

    put me down for a fighter full armour weps spells damage rings the lot :twisted:
  10. DOOM guild's raffle

    hmm ill have number ..... 1 :twisted:
  11. Great War Chapter II

    as much as id liek to take part i will not b able to as i will b at work at this time :evil: sorry
  12. war war war

    i may consider returning yr items, count that as a prize :twisted:
  13. war war war

    sign me up im human :shock:
  14. Show a pic of yourself!

    trop i love the suit, u is teh pimp!!
  15. hey hope some1 can help me with this, i dl the whole game again coz i find it easier to do so but when i cleick on el to start playing i get to the sign in screen where i put my username and pass but when i press enter i get the windows explorer message box and it closes down, any 1 got any idea?