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  1. Old EL Photos

    Yes, I remember you (best) as Saint. You said once that the name was from Ted Dekker's book by the same title, correct? I'm good. How have you been?
  2. Old EL Photos

    Dibby Dib Dib! How are you these days?
  3. Army

    I think this may have been while she was testing Bronze armor, but I'm not sure.
  4. gnome decoration

    I can't remember for sure, but this one might have been staged by me on the test server. It seems as though it was for section of the EL Community Magazine I was doing at the time.
  5. Old EL Photos

    Hi all! How is everyone these days? While going through some discs, I found this bunch of old Eternal-lands photos. Most of them are either of me, or the LoL guild, but contain many old faces and events from 2006 on. Does anyone remember some of these events or players? Are any of you pictured in these photos still lurking around EL? I found them all to be very reminiscent, so here they are if anyone would like to take a look-see. http://www.eternal-l...llery&album=186 Have a nice night, LIGHTspeed
  6. LIGHTspeed's EL

    Photos of Eternal-lands, the LoL guild, and events through the years. 2006 to ~2009
  7. Die Hard Fail

    ROFL. I was just looking through Netflix and noticed this on the "Rated for" page:
  8. Hack hack hack

    Boo! - Goes back to lurking....
  9. Channel 6 "Evil" discussion

  10. brute wars =D

    Scarr, my "Photoshopper", Level 1, beat you. xD I wonder if listening to The Beatles while watching the fight did it...
  11. Abraham Lincoln Quotes

    Abraham Lincoln was a wise man. I thought this was appropriate, as they relate quite well to current events.
  12. Guess the player name!

    Since Khalai passed, I'll jump in and hope this one hasn't been done before. Too easy.
  13. New engine test 5, mainly for Linux users

    It works great now! I get 600-2000 FPS while zoomed in. One bunch of Rabbits and 10-12 Dragons reduces it to about 400, and viewing the whole map at once takes it down to ~200.
  14. New engine test 4

    I get the same error as some of the others. Error log: Last couple of lines in the Debug log: Hopefully these are somewhat helpful... System stats: Ubuntu 8.10 Intel Core I7 920 Nvidia GTX 285 - Open GL Version 2.1(.2?) And as far as I know, I'm using the latest drivers. 180.11. EDIT: Sorry, the newest drivers are 180.29, released earlier this month. I'm installing them now. (P.s. Yeah, I got my new system built. )
  15. Your favorite xmas gift as a child or adult

    The Coca-Cola? ...