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  1. The Revenge In The Ruins

    I wanna join the last one was kinda fun ingame name is HerderBezem
  2. The Clash Of The Titans

    woops... i forgot to tell that my ingame name is herderbezem. not that it makes any difference but just to make sure
  3. The Clash Of The Titans

    i wanna join although imnot very strong... can i B in red cause my guildmates ssjgohan and darkkrad ar in there
  4. Anime Ftp

    do u still have some full metal alchemist?
  5. Banned.

    lol y do u want to be muted.... <_<
  6. Banned.

    and now 4 the "pls unban me" part
  7. Limited Time Sale (axes For Usd)

    then get the p2p version... i know i will
  8. Please Unban Me?

    only if u have a static ip...
  9. Server Rebooted

    i just lost 500 life ess....
  10. Server Rebooted

    hmm... another reboot? because i cant connect again...
  11. New Update

    any news on the buddy list yet?....
  12. Weasel_ninja

    Bastard Operator From Hell
  13. yes

    why do u have to make a new topic 4 everything u say?
  14. Where Are We?

    w00t already 4 dutchmen
  15. Where Are We?

    i think there r more ppl playing in europe and since the nethetlands is such a central place....