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  1. *o*

    It is a ring - "Married with children". Got it?
  2. Ce pula noastra?

    Vad ca fetele s-au speriat de titlul topicului si n-au vrut sa posteze aici.
  3. Using Proxy

    Why do you say that?
  4. Using Proxy

    Hello. Since many members of this forum know a lot about computers, i thought i could find an answer here. - what type of proxy should i use, in order to increase internet speed? - if i'm using proxy, will the server(host) know that i'm using a proxy? some server administrators do not allow connections through proxies; is there any type of proxy that can not be detected at all, so it would look like i'm connecting with the internet directly?
  5. My New Avatar

    I like ur avatar
  6. Mrs

    Why do u say they are cheap?
  7. Plats Are Unstorable

    What are these plats?
  8. The Abc Song

    Where do u find this things?
  9. Selling Titanium Axe

    Which is the last bid?
  10. 01001000 01101001

    Right now i'm too lazy to translate. But coming soon...
  11. Storage Advancing

    Exactly. Have pacience!
  12. X-mas Party

    The ticket will cost 10k gc. And i'm collecting the money (for the orphans of course )