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  1. Screenshot Thread

    Me and vartican at Kilaran Fields quite some time ago, think it was right after the money rollback or smth. http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=meandvartlh2.jpg
  2. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    Bender was taken :S
  3. Hi

    Don't think we called him anything besides next, it was just a joke involving his sexual intrest towards this goat. Either way, hows ppl doing here? Personally I've been playing WoW now lately alltho the game is quite boring atm with the lack of decent content to beat
  4. Hi

    I just felt like posting here for some reason taking that my longish ban expired today, don't ask why I know it expired today tho So, Hi, that is all. Edit: Thing that I just recalled, if you click the ":" in my signature you will be lead to the best piture ever posted on these forums. It involves a certain player from way back called NeXt...
  5. dude, its so an april fools joke...even if Q2 is starting april 1st i honestly doubt blizzard would do the same exact interface for worlds of starcraft and wow...
  6. http://www.helpwinmybet.com/
  7. Fantasy Rock/Metal

    I don't think manowar would qualify for fantasy metal, i think its more of me-against-the-world-metal, or as we like to call it here hero/stocking-metal. But as for fantasy rock/metal, i'm not a big fan myself, i just wish the damn n00b would go back to deep purple, but Richie Blackmores 'new' project Blackmores Night could be fun to listen for you nightwish fans out there.
  8. Whats your favorate band?

    Kiss Guns 'n Roses Slade Iron Maiden Judas Priest HIM Deep Purple Led Zeppelin Rainbow Dio (solo production) Black Sabbath (both Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy eras) Ozzy Osbourne NOFX Strung Out Anti-Flag Bloodhound Gang(very few songs) Dead Kennedys Propagandhi Millencolin Dropkick Murphys Lagwagon Good Riddance The Exposies Less Than Jake Mad Caddies Rise Against No Use For A Name Bad Religion Asian Kung Fu Generation (i do actually like them ) Billy Idol Silverstein The Lawrence Arms AFI Alkaline Trio Metallica Offspring (only the older ones, well just mostly the Smash album) Rancid Tiger Army Slipknot The Ataris Strike Anywhere Goldfinger I think that covers the most, but the list could just go on and on, so many great bands
  9. I think, well we've all thought that this time it might be true, but according to the Rolling Stone magazine the GnR album Chinese Democracy, which has been due since 1994, should be out this year. Eventho the only possible old member besides Axl in the new GnR would be Izzy(just a wild guess since Izzy is the only one Axl has talked to in the past 10 years), i'd still like to see the day come when we finally get to see GnR live again Link to the interview
  10. heh heya vermor, i still occasionally come to chat around, but each time i announce my presence in the channels i mostly get attacked by mods :/
  11. We all found out that the meaning of life and all that exists is 42 and now i dare to ask another question. Yes, vermor, cicero, learner and the rest, i am very aware of the search function of the forums but i do am aware also that the search string has to be 4 or more chars. So finally, when will EL2 (note 3 chars and not valid for search) come. I'm kinda curious 'cause i liked the EL back in the days before all this stuff got added, i liked afk training at gargs and fem orcs, and i also liked to pwn ppl with my superior levels etc. Like a simple game, not too many features to worry 'bout, i liked to leave my char afk for longer time with all eq on at KF (with Boki of course ). So as we see, if we are 'bout to expect a new game from ent it will come out really 'unfinished' (read good) without the other totally useless stuff that stereotypes it with runescape, in other words, too many features that need improvements in the game, too many noobs (read Runescape). I really loved it before the attributes could be picked totally freely, like 20 cap on a certain attrib, but with this new system as you can just pack everything in phys and go pwn cyclops with 30/30 a/d, its just not that much fun, i had to work my ass off just to get to fight with cyclops. And the other really awesome thing, to come up with gimmicks with such a small portion of variety, seriously, i came up to use all the attrib potions mixed with blessings, seriously, i really did, and perhaps i shouldn't have told it to too many ppl since the benefit i gained from it quickly vanished, but it was fun to see ppl's faces when they were 15+ levels higher than me and getting the beating of their lifetime. So Entropy, i ask you, when will Eternal Lands 2 be out, or whatever your next project may be. And those wiseasses out there, i know i could've found out this answer with the search function and not waste valuable forum space with this bs i've written here. The thing is, i don't exactly have the time nor the patience to search the forums for that long, to me its prolly several hours. Thanks --Flex
  12. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Tjoop, eipä taida paljoo suomalaisia olla tän vitun ala-arvosen paskan kanssa Joskus oli pari ihan järkevää mutta eipä oo enää
  13. Next a.k.a. Bunsten

    yup, its been in my sig for quite a while now ^^
  14. Greetings from Conquer Online

    Its a typo, i noticed it but i couldn't be arsed to fix it
  15. How were your first days of EL ?

    I got owned by a deer in one hit