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  1. I'm lazy to type :)

    Why not just have voice reconization, so that I can say a name, then I don't need to worry about my crappy spelling, and I don't need to worry about the whole too lazy to type thing either
  2. Light World <---> Dark World

    There could be new ore's and minerals for new high level weapons only avaiable in the dark world...
  3. Seriously messed up economy!!!!!!!!

    People would just drop them to trade then
  4. UI improvements

    Revampt the whole system, makes spells so you need to read books, then you have a spell book type thing, similar to research layout, where you just select the spell you want, and hit cast.. still have the essence cost if required, but trying to arange the signals is a pain.
  5. Ants

    But droping food around for them is fun.. lol
  6. needle as a wapon

    Needle with poison on it would be more effective
  7. Better Storage

    Are the graphics even stored on the server? That wouldn't make sence.
  8. New potions for paid

    Maybe if you could make a cursed version of every pot, it would show up as the bace type, but would actually do the reverse effect. Maybe add a poison ivy or something to make the cursed version, it would depend on the actual pot of course. Maybe not something made on purpose, maybe if you fail badly enough, it seems as if you made the pot, but it is actually cursed, would help prevent ppl from wanting to make a high level pot, before they were ready/sure it was going to work
  9. Guild Storage

    Maybe it would be nice if there was a storage NPC that was avaiable to guilds only, and anything deposited in the storage would be accessable by anyone in your guild. Make it avaiable at your guild hall or something.
  10. ...

    Forum Name: Obvious, look at the post (StarStrike) Character Name: StarStrike Dragon Color: Not Sure Yet, but a metalic of some sort Levels over 20: 32 - Harvest 30 - Alch 22 - Combat 23 - Attack 21 - Defence Been thinking of Joining a guild, this is the first one that has peaked my interest
  11. ...

    I may be interested in joining as well. Although I only play probably 5-10Hrs a week http://eternal-lands.solexine.fr/~radu/vie...ayer=StarStrike There are my stats... As for colour.. I will think about it, probably a metalic one.. Maybe tit