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  1. Buying 1K bear furs

    Hi, I would like to buy 1K Bear Furs for 15K GC.
  2. Bot payments

    Hi, in march of this year i payed for a double blessing on my tradebot CrazyGirl. so i guess my new renewal is due in march 2010, is that right?
  3. Pre RC 11

    So it means you didn't give a fuck about what I said in the first post, yes? sorry about that. didn't really understand that's what you ment.
  4. Pre RC 11

    The only thing i could do was walking around. setting #use_new_selection= 0 fixed that
  5. Bot payments

    Hi, when is my bot CrazyGirl up for renewal?
  6. I'm thinking of making a list of bots available from vakana

    Bot name: HappyGirl Owner: LadyPetra Contacts: HappyGirl - LordTheo Purpose: Trade
  7. Markings on map

    Thanks it works great. gonna use that methode from now on
  8. Markings on map

    i can't seem to get Labrats methode to work. where exactly do i have to click to get the black writing to work?
  9. Label on Overall Bar [SOLVED]

    Hi, At your stats window, click on OA and you will see the OA level at the bottom of the screen again. you can have any skill at that spot just by clicking the skill in the stats window
  10. Hi, WDR is looking for members. Please take a look at our Forum to find more info if you are interessed to join our guild
  11. Chain Reaction

    (tooth) fairy
  12. Chain Reaction

    (Piaggio) MP3
  13. Client RC available.

    I don't know if this is a problem of my site, but i don't see any animals/monsters/npc's on any of the new maps. i also got the bad object error messages that were announced in before post on Thelinor
  14. Chain Reaction

  15. Chain Reaction