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  1. im hostin the biggest party ever..

    IBTL @Original poster: You, my bad friend, phail. At life. Now get lost.
  2. films

    Yeah, Ong-Bak 1 was when the gold buddha statues got decapitated and their heads stolen, and Ong-Bak 2 was about Tony Jaa (fella who does teh ub3r martial arts) and his pet elephant.
  3. What's your favorite fantasy book series?

    Dragonlance series I haven't read them in a while but I have to admit, Caramon rocks ftw. Forgot the title of the book but the one where he gets all muscly in the gladiator fights and he breaks out...bloody good storyline too.
  4. elder scrolls

    I've been playing RPGs for over 5 years, I've had Morrowind GotY edition. Yes, it's good, but I just love Oblivion. Mind you, I'm not really supposed to be into RPGs but Morrowind got me hooked. Before then it was all D2:LOD
  5. Dear Skeletor

  6. elder scrolls

    I've played this yesterday at a friend's house on his 360 and bloody hell, it's frickin' good. I made a Redguard Crusader class with Warrior sign Talk about pw00naging pesky goblinzes Anyone know where I can find a demo for this, if it exists? On the PC, this time
  7. Whats your reason?

    My char names are very random, usually off the top of my head. Flarefury is used every now and then, dno where that one came from Furia for my WoW main, got told it meant Fury in Polish o_O Zafyra...wierd story. Was at a mate's house makin' a new character on WoW and we were looking for a name. I saw his dad's new Vauxhall Zafira outside and I thought "Nyeh, stick a Y instead of the I" and made it up It stuck for nearly all my characters in games
  8. elder scrolls

  9. Guys, guys guys....

    This happens in every social game on teh intarweb In my own dream game I'd make everyone take an IQ test before they start, but then that would be elitist Just tell them to go to a chat room or MSN if they want to hook up with people. Divert them
  10. films

    Which one, there's millions
  11. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    1TYM - How Many Times K-Pop
  12. EL's 4th aniversary

    Gratz EL, keep those updates rolling and lets see EL hit 5 years! Woo!
  13. films

    Not really into Bruce Lee 'cos it's just not that appealing to me. @maximos: Kung Fu Hustle was a bloody funny film. Oh, and add another to the list: -Ong-Bak 1+2.
  14. IF i could

    Cha Bum Keun when he was 27~30 years old. I wanna see his trademark 50 yard long shots
  15. Enriched Health Essence

    Maybe enhance a CoI from a normal Crown of Life to a Crown of Kings? Say, +250hp instead of the normal +150?