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  1. bot protocol change... kinda

    Well... i dont know how many other bots had this issue, but the server used to accept a 16 bit value as a 32 bit value... You used to be able to send 5 bytes in the Put item for trade (36) message(use a 16 bit amount). No longer. Now you MUST use a 32 bit amount which means you have to send 7 bytes. Just thought you should know. It's now just ignoring 16 bit values that were not in the protocol to begin with, but used to work nonetheless.
  2. Bot name: JMart Owner: Lord_Jag Any other contacts: None Purpose of this bot: Trade inv loc buy
  3. bot owners...

    Sure. There should be a bot owners forrum. Yes. I own JMart. Lord_Jag
  4. List of Trade Bots

    I decare JMart is a trade bot, owned by Lord_Jag. She is stationed at Norcarn - 80,25