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  1. hmmm this is weird

    no the real name to New York City is New York City :-D in New York dont know why just is liek that
  2. Myspace Desperate for a friend

    hey JJk nice of you too add meh :-D well have to play a round of CS some time 1.6 ok with you???
  3. Other MMORPGs

    heck yeah !!!!! maladine owns :-D
  4. MSN Messenger

  5. pick the most hottest people in EL

    awww nobody voted me
  6. forum game

    7 i dont wnana be banned cuz then i would have no purpse in life
  7. forum game

    w000t 5
  8. Google Talk

    MSN ALL THE WAY BABY and google talk its ok better than aim
  9. The Rangers... RETURN!

    Wat bout me Aero can i join can i????? it would be the 2nd guild i was in with u i was in sword for about 2 days then i left for rangers :-D then left that and made my own........woot
  10. Corpus Opis *CO*

    is it bad that i dont play and im in *CO* :-D
  11. horses

    r they mounts r just animals????? thats wat i was getting at a year ago
  12. horses

    horses :-D i started this post a long time ago
  13. Reunion!

    hey dont make in fun of my screen name!!!! or my attempt on the oxymoron! its not nice to pick on rednecks
  14. Reunion!

    we need to have one in Sept :-D do it now!!!!!
  15. Oldbie Poll

    Happt Spirts Tavern & Inn i think it the oldbies last place of refuge but shivar thinks he so sweet cuz shivar how many hours a week do u spend on training 72-75 hours???????