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  1. Forum registration

    Can Netspawn be validated please? Thanks!
  2. ****Generation X²****Harvesting Emporium****

    Edit: Sorry, please disregard this post
  3. xfire

    I have recently tried it out and It works great (in windowed mode)! I have the same problem when going to full screen. Also, when taking screen shots, the screen shot appears all black.
  4. Markings on map

    I find ctrl-f to be sufficient when I have a jumble of marks on a map. I don't think it really needs any changes. At least, if it does, its not, in my opinion, high priority. That might be just me though.
  5. Tradelist

    How many steel chains are you selling and for how much? Also, what is your in game name?
  6. Religion

    Reading these posts I noticed two general trends. there were those who believed in god, without, imo, solid proof of his existence and there were those who don't believe in god, without solid proof of his nonexistence These two groups of people are arguing over the existence of god. Both sides are arguing hopelessly. There is no point in arguing when neither side can prove that they are right. A religion isn't made up of just god(s). Believing in god(s), doesn't really make you part of that religion. Its the ideals the religion teaches, and the morals. You have to believe in all of that. What I'm trying to say is I couldn't care less if there is a god. What would make me follow a religion is the morals it teaches.
  7. Virtual Items

    After reading pennifuin's post I got this idea: Instead of having a new inventory window with its own slots, a new type of unit for measuring weight could be used, or "virtual" weight. Your virtual weight carrying abilities will not be limited by phys, but another attribute that would better suit mages, like ethereality (how pennifuin mentioned). Virtual items, or even essences could take up virtual weight, instead of EMU (or maybe even both ). Not sure if you will completely understand what I'm trying to say. Thats just my two cents.
  8. Eternal lands keeps crashing

    That isn't exactly my problem. Eternal lands just closes. The screen doesn't go black or green. Nevertheless, I just tried what they suggested and its working... so far.
  9. Eternal lands keeps crashing

    I just reinstalled eternal lands. Every time I log on, I play for 5 to 10 minutes and then an error message pops up, shutting down eternal lands. I click for it to show the details and this is what it says. AppName: el.exe AppVer: ModName: nvoglnt.dll ModVer: Offset: 002bf315 I have no idea what that means. I checked the error log, and it shows this: Log started at 2007-01-02 14:41:21 localtime (Eastern Standard Time) [14:41:22] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" [14:41:22] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates133/files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com [14:41:22] Error: Can't open file "commands.lst"
  10. An unhappy anniversary!

    wow, all that time I actually thought the crash was on purpose. I thought they were trying to fix up the screwed up economy. then again, I can't remember if beavers furs selling for 5k each is before or after the crash... same for the hundreds of "plat" everyone had. I'm still in shock it was an accident
  11. Ring of WTF?!

    I wonder if this will ever happen... it would be interesting to see it. It would be great if you use the ring and a message appears saying something like, "The ring lights up, and suddenly disappears, as if nothing has happened. WTF?" It would be fun if you had no idea what the ring did, and it would be sort of a surprise when you find out (if you ever do). The point of this ring is to be a surprise, and just think what a surprise it would be if you unknowingly had "Midas Touch effect", mentioned by Ghrae, and clicked on your precious thermal serp. if this ring existed and was affordable I'd buy at least 50 of them.
  12. A Minor problem

    ok, thanks for all your input
  13. A Minor problem

    really, because, I've harvested for ages before and had no food loss and I'm not reading
  14. A Minor problem

    very helpful... <_< well I did a #help_me but It stumped the mods
  15. A Minor problem

    link to picture as you can see, I have power saving perk, full health/mana, no research, and I wasn't manuing anything at the time, just harvesting. yet my hunger bar decreased into the negatives, its still decreasing as I type, its at -10 now. any explanations?