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  1. Quest bots?

    I like the idea of quest bots, and adopted it for now ... I will test how it behaves on the test server and if it actually get's the permission to be used in the main game is up to Entropy anyway ... I Like the healing part a lot too... Assume we would use such a bot (all permissions applied for of course) for the guild and not for the general public ... cool BTW LV ... does that go ahead and program it then apply for me too ? Or just for Mhailyn? rgds albi
  2. Test server bugs

    Seems like ALL signposts in WS have a problem ,... but i found out that they do work ... it's just...theclickabel area is a little off... try clicking a little bit above or ahead in the air
  3. Test server bugs

    Hi... this is what i have found so far I have tried to find this reports, but havent found them ignore if the are in fact listed already... MAP Issues ... WSC to PL the signpost seems to be not working. if i click the arch above the path ... it works Lakeside to Tyrnim signpost not working Backroom of PL Magic STore (Clark) got locked in ... I'll try to confirm that though
  4. Update TEST

    exactly... found that out just now ... still...visually reminded would be a greaaat plus
  5. Update TEST

    First of all, congratualations !!! I have a Gforce 4 Card NV5600FX and have not experienced any problems so far ... If I do so, i will try to reproduce the issue and submit an info how to reproduce it. I'll do what i would do in the main game, mining/smelting/manufacturing. Nothing fancy. If you need me to test something specific, let me know... Ah, there is one thing i wanted to remark.... I love the way how multiple channels can be monitored. As long as the ALL function is not used everything seems clear and logic. It becomes somewhat difficult when i want to answer something in the 'ALL' mode... I do not know what channel it would go(the answer i mean) before i hit enter. Is there a way to visualize the channel active for answering ?? rgds albi
  6. I'm not saying ---prevent it--- i'm saying, add the reward for the ppl taking the bag as a doublesided sword ...not less... yes the game should allow you to be a bad boy ... but bing a bad boy should pose a risk to the bad boy too and adding more effect to deing , like temporary skill limitations is just fine for me ... one remark to the outlaws thread .... how efficient is it really ? i doubt it's efficiency.
  7. I understand that with the storage trade option trade bag jumpers will soon be no issue anymore ... The ppl taking our deathbags is still an issue .... I am not saying the should be able to take the stuff i have lost when i die. But looting dead ppls things is a bad bad bad thing in all cultures .... at least some sort of disadvantage from taking a dead persons bag should be issued.... during the meeting with Lord Vermor, we heard a lot of good ideas, and i would add my to cents to the things i heard up there .... If one dies , he has a chance that he will loose things at the place where he died in a bag .... if some takes that bag within a certain amount of time... the person trying to take this bag coul be informed that this bag belongs to someone who has just died ... and if they loot this bag during a certain time (while the body is still warm) the will be pkable by anyone on any map (just like the wandering fool) This actually adds a gamethread where ppl could become looters by profession and it gives the looting by temptation a potential danger .... rgds albi sorry, i am not a native english speaker, probably someone understood what i tried to say and can rephrase it properly
  8. If You Want To Have A Bot

    I'm trying to write a Library in Java for BotDevelopment For that purpose i would like to use the account: BotTest My normal player account is : albi rgds albi
  9. Rules To Write Bots

    Hi all, are there set rules how to write bots, to avoid interference with the 'real' players ? rgds albi