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  1. New server bug reports!

    Use this client http://www.eternal-lands.com/el.exe
  2. ~*How Funny Is This*~

    wow thats a good recent photo of you hurc LOL j/k :wink:
  3. I think exp given by players,monsters and animals should be obtained when they die :evil:
  4. New server bug reports!

    Hi, I died on IP to a deer, dropped ALL my items consisting of 2 books (1, metal molding & 2, iron smelting) an excavator cloak and around 1.7k gold. But when i ended up in underwold i had a bag under me so i checked it and it had 999 gold coins in it which i though was odd. Got out of underworld and managed to get my bag back with all the items plus the gold i origonally had which in the end i have like 2.7k gold. Either it duplicated exactly 999 coins when i died or some1 left exactly 999 coins on the floor but i would suspect noone would bother leaving exactly 999 gold on the floor, but its a possibility. Ill try to see if i this happens again and get back to you.
  5. United Kingdom

    Hi, Well as u might have guessed there is a united kingdom guild now accepting UK players :wink: if you would like to join simply PM KrAzY in-game or visit the website http://www.ukguild.tk. There are no requirments except you must live in the UK to join and have a skill over 20 .
  6. British only guild

    good idea i made a uk only guild today if any1 would like to join visit http://www.ukguild.tk or PM me in game :wink:
  7. Easier to make a #stop_summoned command and when turned on it only takes the items needed away and gives the exp for the 'animal' you tryed to summon but doesnt actually summon the 'animal' like with magic u can caste the same spell over and over but still takes the essences/eth points away but gives exp. And like you say stop the (*) from showing up in none-pk maps.
  8. Move the magic priest?

    move him into the middle of a pk map. LOL j/k maybe put him on isla prima.
  9. who thinks i should be a mod

    I say no because its simply not your decition, if a mod was needed then the developers would ask you themselves not the other way around. So i think this post is pretty pointless.
  10. Pickaxe Variations.

    Yea could add that instead or ones that hit the rocks more then once but i hear runescape did that.
  11. i would suggest running your own background music as the creators wouldnt have time to add music to the game. Plus its alot harder to add music to a game client then it would for you to stick a CD in the CD-drive.
  12. Ok, my suggestion would be that having different pickaxe types added into the game by metal eg iron,steel,silver,gold and titanium etc. And by having the 'better' metal type pickaxe it gives you an extra 15 load space for your bag so a normal pickaxe wouldnt do anything but an iron one would add 15 loadspace, steel 30, silver 45, gold 60 and finally titanium 75 (this could be changed to suit taste obviously). But the catch is you need so many levels of Harvest and Alchemy to be able to wear them. I'm not sure about what levels it would be and the cost of them but im sure they could be worked out :wink: . Well thanx for reading my suggestion, KrAzY