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  1. Expiring bots, may of 2015

    Duvel, ElBay, Astonomy, Oyster and ShootingShark Your transaction ID for this payment is: 7EG78638M8851770T.
  2. New Day-day of no perks

    At first I thought it should be for only those perks that have corresponding cloaks... which means it would be bad for everyone that had positive perks/cloaks. This would seem to be a bad day for just about everyone. So why not give those that have negative perks (and those perks without corresponding cloaks) a little bit of a break? At least someone should be able to look forward to a #day such as this. Someone with ONE perk being able to freely move without fear of being blown up for 6 hours.. sure why not? People with Skeptic wouldn't vote for this either so why not leave those 2 perks, Skeptic and Antisocial not included in this #Day? I agree negative perks are that way for a reason and if the community feels the answer is "no" just because of the negative perks then what would you say if it was a #day of no positive perks?
  3. I'm suggesting a #day of no perks. For 6 hours your perks or cloaks would not work. This would be good for those with negative perks and not so good for those that have positive ones. If you have both types of perks it would be a mixture of good with the bad. The #ignore levels should stay intact though. Not sure if programming could implement it or not. For those that like to jump in I'll put your 2 cents in for you: OMG this sux0rs! It'll RUIN the game! NOOOO! OMG you're ebul! and the usual stfu and go back to harving.
  4. gettting rid of a few things

    I'll buy the 1k iron bars @35gc each.
  5. Lottery spice up

    I wish to thank Ayreus for the generous contribution to this week's lottery. I am adding a CoL to the next lottery to be announced Sunday October 26th. Good luck to all.
  6. Quote of the week submissions

    With Permission from Golemer: [22:12:50] [PM from Golemer: You know I've been playing for over a year and I haven't been able to see bob the gob.. ever ] [22:13:15] [PM to Golemer: you do know he doesn't have "bob" in front of his name....right?] [22:13:23] [PM from Golemer: I am sure I could kill him though? I kill fem orcs and armed male gobs.. so surely bob the gob isn't that mean?] [22:13:35] [PM from Golemer: Seriously? lol.. then I prolly have found him then xD] [22:14:26] [PM from Golemer: If I can kill armed gobs and fem orcs surely bob the gob would be a piece of cake?] [22:14:36] [PM to Golemer: oh yeah] [22:14:51] [PM from Golemer: Does he ignore mm perk?] [22:15:03] [PM to Golemer: no lol ] [22:15:12] [PM from Golemer: dang.. so there is no real way to know who he is?] [22:15:27] [PM to Golemer: he is the ONLY goblin that walks around PL...there's only 1.] [22:15:37] [PM from Golemer: Oh then I have killed him.. several times!]
  7. help

    You can also try turning off the user account controls if the updated video drivers don't solve the problem.